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Wanted: Outstanding Java Experts

JavaOne 2016: Call for Proposals Is Now Closed

The JavaOne 2016 Call for Proposals is Now Closed.

Thank you for your proposals. We look forward to reviewing the outstanding content that has been submitted for our 2016 events. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, no late proposals will be accepted.

We plan to notify all submitters of the proposal status in early July. Please be sure to check your email for notifications from the Oracle Content Team.

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Submit Your Proposal (by invitation only)

If you have been invited to submit, click on the link below to enter your content.

By submitting a session for consideration, you authorize Oracle to promote, publish, display, and disseminate the content submitted to Oracle, including your name and likeness, for use associated with the JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2016 conferences.

General Information

  • Conference location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Date: Sunday, September 18 to Thursday, September 22, 2016
  • Website: JavaOne

Key Dates for 2016

Action/Event Due Dates
Call for Proposals—Open Monday, April 11
Call for Proposals—Closed Now closed
Notifications for accepted and declined submissions sent Early July

Contact Us

  • For questions regarding the Call for Proposals, technical questions about the submission tool, or issues with submitting your proposal, send an email to speaker-services_ww@oracle.com.

Submission Information

Note that the submission tool will time-out after 15 minutes of inactivity based on the oldest inactive tool window.

Browsers supported are Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 17 and higher, Chrome 29.x, and Safari 5.1.

An Oracle.com user account is required to submit a proposal. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one before submitting. Once you create your account, you'll be taken to the login page for the Call for Proposals tool. If at any time you forget your username and password, simply select the "Retrieve/Forgot Password or Username" option.


  • Every time you log-in to the submission tool you will see all the proposals you have submitted to date.
  • While the submission tool is open, you may go back and edit previously submitted sessions (for sessions that are not under review).
  • At any point while submitting a proposal, you may stop and save your submission to complete at a later time. If you stop and save before your submission is complete (before all mandatory fields are answered), your submission will be given a status of "Partial." You can go back and edit this session while the Call for Proposals is open. Note that any sessions still in "Partial" status after the submission period is closed will NOT be considered.
  • Take note of the confirmation number you receive after each submission. If you have any questions or concerns, you will need to include that confirmation number.
  • No late submissions will be accepted.

Submission Fields (*mandatory field)

Title*: Maximum character limit is 80 characters, including spaces (approximately 12 to 17 words)

Abstract*: Maximum character limit is 750 characters, including spaces

Tracks *:

  • JavaOne is organized by Tracks. When submitting a proposal, at least one track must be chosen from the list.
  • Special note for submitting to the Core Java Platform track: when submitting to the Core Java Platform track, please keep in mind that topics should hold interest across all branches of computer science, such as the Java language and VM, core library usage, general best practices (performance tuning, concurrency, testing), etc. This is also the track for OpenJDK and Java SE Java Submission Request (JSR) submissions.
  • Special note for submissions to the Java and Devices track: Smart devices are a tremendous opportunity for organizations and developers to create new solutions that connect devices to the internet. But the complexity of creating easy solutions makes it difficult for developers to deliver new, innovative use-cases. When submitting for the Devices track, please consider use-cases and examples where Java can reduce application development complexity within the new connected world we live in, as well as address how Java and emerging device standards (such as MQTT, CoAP, and Lightweight M2M) can make it possible for devices to connect and interoperate.
  • Special note to submitters to the Java and Emerging Languages track: Several JVM languages have become well-established over the years. Therefore, the languages track reviewers will be especially interested in submissions that deal with new thoughts and experiments, rather than the typical “introduction to my cool language” topics. Think, for example, of how the language integrates with other technologies and what it has to offer to the current hot topics in the programming scene.

Session Type*: Describes the format in which the topic will be delivered

  • Conference Session: A 60-minute session presented by Oracle, customers, partners, developers, and/or user group members.
  • Panel: A 60-minute session presented in a panel format by multiple speakers, consisting of Oracle employees, customers, partners, developers, and/or user group members.
  • Tutorials: Two-hour sessions led by experts, which offer the ability to deliver in-depth knowledge that can be targeted to attendees just getting started or to experienced users.
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF): A 45-minute session that allows a closer interaction with the speakers and attendees, focusing on a particular aspect of technology.
  • Hands-on Lab (HOL): A two-hour hands-on, interactive lab session.
  • Ignite Session: A fast-paced talk with a format that’s preset to move slides at 15-second intervals; speakers either use it or lose it.

Presentation Summary*: For evaluation only, this is an additional description of your proposal to help the reviewers better understand your submission.

Experience Level*: Identifies the knowledge level of the targeted attendee.

Link to Supporting Video*: Include a hyperlink to a video of one of your past presentations or speaking engagements. If you do not have a video, please record a two-minute presentation and submit a link to the online recording.

Primary and Secondary Product (Oracle employee submitters only): Select the value that best represents the content of this session. This information is used internally, for generating lead flow.

Submitting on behalf of a user group: If you are a current member of a user group and are submitting your session as a member, please answer yes to this question. Please keep in mind that each submission may only be associated with one user group and the content should be relevant to what that group supports.

Adding Participants

Each submission must have at least one speaker assigned in order to be considered.

Session Roles

Submitter Role:

  • The person submitting the session will be designated as the submitter for that session.
  • This role is used strictly to track the session submitter. The submitter is not the speaker of the session unless he or she also assigns himself or herself a speaker role.
  • The submitter will receive confirmation for the entered session but will not receive the speaker invitation and further communications after that point (unless he or she also has a speaker role).
  • The submitter must assign at least one speaker to each session he or she enters.

Speaker Role:

  • The person(s) with the speaker role will be the session presenter(s).
  • Speakers receive a speaker invitation, and future speaker communications.
  • All speakers must provide contact information including name, company name, email address, and mobile number.

Speaker Limit:

  • Conference sessions, BOFs, and Tutorials: Maximum of two speakers
  • Panels: Maximum of five speakers
  • Hands-on Labs (HOLs): Maximum of eight speakers
  • Ignite Sessions: One speaker only

Review Your Session Information

In this section, you will be asked to review all submitted information for accuracy. If you notice any incorrect or missing information, you may go back and edit. If everything looks correct, click the finish button to complete your submission. This will bring you to the confirmation page with options for next steps.

Content Program Policies

  • Speakers on accepted submissions will receive a complimentary pass to the event for which their submission is accepted. This complimentary pass provides access to all conference sessions in that event.

    • Note that Oracle employee speakers receive an employee pass, which has different access rights than the complimentary pass.
  • Acceptance of the complimentary pass must be in compliance with the policies of your employer, including conflict of interest, ethics, and gift policies. The complimentary pass will be canceled if the session is canceled or replaced.
  • The complimentary pass is limited to one pass per speaker and is not transferable.
  • Oracle does not reimburse speakers for travel and expenses. Speakers are responsible for any applicable taxes, customs duties, or other expenses related to acceptance of the complimentary pass.
  • Do not include proprietary or confidential material. The submitter is responsible for obtaining necessary permission to use all materials.
  • Oracle reserves the right to edit session information for clarity, length, and style, and other considerations.
  • All deadlines must be met. Any requests received after the deadline may not be approved, and any missed deadlines can result in cancellation of sessions.
  • Oracle reserves the right to cancel a session or speaker.
  • In accordance with Oracle's privacy policy, Oracle cannot release information on conference attendees.
  • By submitting a session for consideration, you authorize Oracle to promote, publish, display, and disseminate the content submitted to Oracle, including your name and likeness, for use associated with the JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2016 conferences. Invited speakers will be required to review and sign the Speaker Consent Form. A copy of the form is provided below.

Tips and Guidelines

Below are general guidelines for submitting sessions. Providing such information does not guarantee that a submission will be accepted by the conference review committee.

General Tips

  • Session titles should be descriptive of the content and use common keywords. Write an abstract that is easy to read and describes the value of the presentation.

    • An example of a useful title is: Balancing Replication and Partitioning in a Distributed Java Database.
    • An example of an uninformative and vague title: JavaFX and You.

  • Do not include proprietary or confidential material.
  • The submitter is responsible for securing all necessary permissions for use of proposed presentation materials before they are submitted.
  • Standard presentation time slots are 60 minutes. We suggest allocating 10 minutes for a Q&A period within that timeframe. Please note that HOLs and BOFs may differ in length.
  • Verify all contact and content information before submitting.

Speaker Consent Form

On behalf of myself and my company/organization, which is designated below ("Organization"), and in consideration of my participation in any of these events: Oracle OpenWorld 2016, JavaOne 2016, Oracle Executive Central 2016, and Oracle Leaders Circle 2016 which are scheduled to take place September 18 - 22, 2016 in San Francisco (the “Event”) I grant Oracle (and its designated contractors), and its subsidiaries and affiliates under common control ("Oracle") the following permissions in connection with the Event:

  1. Permission to make sound and visual recordings of any and all presentation(s) I give in relation to the Event (“Presentation”) on film, tape, disk, and/or other forms of media, whether in analog or digital format (the “Recordings”), including permission to incorporate into the Recordings, in whole or in part, any presentation materials that I use in connection with my Presentation, including without limitation any written speeches, visual aids, or other visual or written materials used, performed, displayed and/or provided by me in connection with the Presentation (the “Presentation Materials.”)
  2. Permission to use and distribute my name, voice, biographic material, likeness, and portrait (hereinafter collectively referred to as my “Likeness”) in connection with my Presentation, for the purpose of publicizing or promoting my Presentation(s) at and participation in the Event, including permission to incorporate my Likeness into the Recordings, in whole or in part.
  3. Permission to use my Organization’s name and logo in connection with my Presentation and incorporate them into the Recordings, for the sole purpose of identifying my Organization, my affiliation with my Organization, and my presentation at and participation in the Event. Oracle’s use of the company name and logo inures solely to the benefit of my Organization.
  4. Permission to use, copy, translate, reformat, edit, broadcast, publish, perform, promote, distribute, digitize, transmit, make derivative works based upon, and/or display all or parts of my Presentation, my Likeness, my Presentation Materials, the Recordings, and/or a transcript of the Recordings. This includes, without limitation, the right to make and distribute a DVD, CD, flash memory card, memory stick, PC card, audio tape, video tape, and/or other recording of the Event proceedings that contains the Recordings in whole or in part, the right to distribute the Recordings in whole or in part via download from Oracle’s affiliated Web sites, and the right to distribute, display, broadcast, rebroadcast, and reproduce the Recordings, in any and all media existing now or later developed, as part of Event proceedings and archives that Oracle makes available on its Web sites or elsewhere. Any such use must be in connection with the Event or future versions of the Event, and must not be misleading or reflect negatively on my Organization or me.

I understand that neither my Organization nor I will receive any compensation for granting these permissions. Oracle is not granted any other permissions or rights with respect to my Likeness, my Presentation, the Recordings, or the Presentation Materials.

I represent and warrant that I have the right to the Presentation and Presentation Materials except any Presentation Materials listed herein, that the publication of this Presentation and Presentation Materials will not infringe on the patent, trademark, copyright rights of others, nor is it slanderous, libelous, or an invasion of any person’s right of privacy or publicity. I further represent and warrant that I have full power to grant this license to Oracle.

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