October 1-5, 2017 Moscone West, San Francisco, CA #JavaOne

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@SplitSoftware: Loved showing Split to #JavaOne. Thank you to the hundreds of developers and industry analysts for your amazing conversations. #javaone2016

@venkat_s: Thank you @JavaOneConf for the opportunity to speak and interact with some of the most wonderful developers from around the globe. #javaone

@dalzein: Finishing day 3 at #JavaOne and taking back a lot of information plus a couple of T-Shirts :) Thank you @Work_at_Murex. 2 more days to go!

@fabianenardon: Everybody should go to the ignite session at #JavaOne. It's simply awesome!!!!

@PiBtzltearno: Wrapping up an inspiring #JavaOne week enjoying the wonderful city of #SanFrancisco. Thank you @Work_at_Murex for this great opportunity!

@danieldietrich: Seeing the bright future of #Java encourages me to develop for that platform. #JavaOne

@sigmatechgroup: An amazing opening day, with great sessions and a generous reception. Very much looking forward to tomorrow! @JavaOneConf #JavaOne

@ltearno: Thanks you so much #JavaOne #oow16 it was awesome! San Francisco you blew my mind and I met lots of great people. See ya next year! @Oracle

@Elizabeth_ZT: Running into so many people at #javaone! Love to see old faces and new friends!

@ypoirier: Great Gathering of Java @Java_Champions and JUG Leaders #Java #JavaOne



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  • 124
    Core Java Platform

    The Java development platform’s strength and continued growth depends on the relentless pursuit of innovation and performance at the very core of the Java family of technologies. This track covers material that is fundamental to all uses and variants of the Java platform, including the latest developments in Java Virtual Machines as well as deep technical explanations of new library features. This track will also address security-related topics surrounding Java including security tools and coding techniques.

  • 99
    Emerging Languages

    New application development languages are emerging rapidly. With continuing improvements in the Java Development Kit (JDK), developers can gain newfound productivity with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) through its support of both dynamically typed languages focusing on application customization and statically typed general-purpose languages for application development. This track covers some of the most popular languages that can utilize and harness the full power of JVM, including Ceylon, Clojure, Groovy, JavaScript, JRuby, Kotlin, and Scala.

  • 68
    Java and Devices

    The world of smart devices is gaining greater momentum to make the world around us smarter and more interactive. Advancements in the Java platform are driving expanded application capabilities to smart devices. Java technologies provide an ideal platform for applications in emerging edge environments such as robotics, smartcards, home gateways, telehealth devices, industrial automation, and vehicles. This track showcases how Java technology is the ultimate platform for the connected world.

  • 87
    Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development

    Hear from industry experts on how to leverage the rich features of Java EE, and other frameworks for server-side development in many different areas, from web applications to big data processing. This track covers the important role Java plays in cloud and server-side development. The topics will cover important use cases for big data, SQL, and NoSQL data processing; server-side frameworks and platforms; as well as tools for successful and productive cloud, PaaS, and server-side development and deployments.

  • 71
    Java Clients and User Interfaces

    The way in which users interact with technology has evolved dramatically in the last several years. Application designers must now consider user experience in a much more holistic way, spanning multiple device types, media types, and situation types. This track covers the latest innovations and UI technologies encompassing client-side technologies such as JavaFX, HTML5, and JavaScript frameworks to help developers get up to speed on rich UI development in a range of environments, from small devices to high-performance client systems.

  • 101
    Java Community

    The Java platform is supported by a global, open, and diverse community of 9 million Java developers. The Java community is inclusive of open-source projects such as OpenJDK, the Java Community Process (JCP), a global community of Java User Groups, women’s technology groups including JDuchess, organizations teaching kids programming, independent advocates such as the Java Champions, and a huge ecosystem of open-source Java developers. Come learn how you can be part of the thriving Java ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the largest technology community in the world.

  • 137
    Java Development Tools

    Writing good, clean code more quickly underpins the essence of a developer’s productivity. New-age Java developer tools continue to push the boundaries in this space. This track will focus on tools that are enhancing Java application development productivity including IDEs, monitoring, testing, and performance environments. Developers will also learn about other related topics such as: ALM toolkits, continuous integration tools, modeling systems, analysis tools, and source code editors.

  • 32
    Oracle Code: Containers, Microservices, DevOps, Databases, APIs, and More

    Java developers have been instrumental in shaping the world’s leading software development architectures and practices. In this track learn about modern software development tools and practices. Learn how to put in practice all the good things about DevOps with infrastructure automation, continuous integration and delivery, container-based deployments, Microservices architectures and best practices for designing your APIs. Get the best learning of how to properly manage your data in both structured and non-structured ways with relational and NoSQL databases.

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