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オラクルのCustomer Experience Cloudスイートの新たなイノベーションが、パーソナライズされたエクスペリエンスの構築を支援します。

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営業サイクルにデッドスポットはありませんか? その結果、報告が遅れていませんか? 営業担当者は、場所や時間、そしてデバイスを問わず、使用するデバイスにかかわらず、より生産性の向上が求められます。

オラクル、Oracle Sales Cloudを使用し、販売プロセスを変革


Modern Sales
  • 57%


  • スピードと柔軟性


  • モバイルで生産性向上


  • 分析データの可視化


  • コラボレーション


  • パイプラインの強化


  • スピードと柔軟性
  • モバイルで生産性向上
  • 分析データの可視化
  • コラボレーション
  • パイプラインの強化


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つながりがビジネスを変える!?デジタル時代のCRMのあるべき姿「Lead to Cash」とは
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IOOF Gains Insight into Opportunity Pipelines with Oracle Sales Cloud

Unlike other vendors, Oracle Sales Cloud stored our data domestically rather than offshore. Oracle also offered more competitive pricing for customization and gave us the flexibility to perform the upgrades at our own pace.

— Julie Wise, Head of Sales Enablement, IOOF Holdings Ltd.

IOOF Gains Insight into Opportunity Pipelines with Oracle Sales Cloud

Thanks to Oracle Sales Cloud, we gained access to the most up-to-date and reliable customer information from a single platform rather than pulling data from multiple systems. Our sales team can now use the tool to track and manage the entire cycle of an opportunity, not just to record sales activities.

— Julie Wise, Head of Sales Enablement, IOOF Holdings Ltd.

ADT Caps Increases Sales Visibility with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud helped us establish a sales pipeline management system—increasing our sales accuracy and creating a collaborative environment between executives and managers to coach and share practices.

— Pyungjin Park, Vice President, Strategic Business Division, ADT Caps

Intralot Improves Sales Process and Performance with Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud empowered us with a very good understanding of our data and standardized our sales pipeline processes—allowing us to forecast accurately with excellent visibility into our sales pipeline data, all while keeping maintenance costs very low.

— Lefteris Kororos, Group Director of Engineering, Intralot

PT Phintraco Simplifies Sales and Service Management with Oracle Cloud

We implemented Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud with help from Phincon. Now we have improved insight into our sales and service processes with the built-in analytic dashboards. These solutions helped us simplify the sales and services processes within our business.

— Nur Ria W, Director, PT Phintraco Technology

Nexen Tire Processes Orders 3x Faster and Improves Service with Oracle Cloud

We adopted Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Platform as a Service because its high-performing mass data processing, optimized operational efficiency, and seamless integration with SAP ERP system ensured the acceleration of our business strategy. Great Oracle sales support was also a major consideration.

— MJ Hyun, CRM Team Manager, Nexen Tire Corp.

Nexen Tire Processes Orders 3x Faster and Improves Service with Oracle Cloud

By developing a global sales system with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Platform as a Service, we gained real-time insight into global pipelines and expanded new opportunities. Seamless integration with our ERP system also enabled us to process sales orders 3x faster and boosted customer satisfaction.

— MJ Hyun, CRM Team Manager, Nexen Tire Corp.

Fort Wayne Supports Its Community with Oracle Service Cloud


Public Achieves High Sales Growth and Conversion Rate with Oracle Sales Cloud

We needed a solution that would help us improve efficiency, productivity, and provide better solutions to our consumers. Also, Oracle Sales Cloud enabled us to better coordinate the internal sales team and perform real-time reporting of our sales performance.

— Dimitris Logothetis, E-commerce and Operations Director, Public

Uflex、Oracle Sales Cloudで営業部門を強化