HR Supports the Innovation Agenda

In this talk, learn why 84% of HR leaders cite innovation as the top 1 or 2 priorities within their organisation. Yet 78% of that same set of people are only doing what is known as incremental innovation.

The HR Innovation Agenda


What Metrics Does HR Use to Measure Company Growth?

Find out the specific metrics HR leaders use to measure growth within their organisation.


What Barriers Stop HR from Driving Innovation?

In this Tomorrow Talk, IDC’s Philip Carter and Oracle’s Nick Sholay discuss barriers that stop organisations from truly innovating.


Which Areas Is HR Targeting to Drive Innovation?

True innovation must exist company wide, and that needs to start with HR. Find out which areas HR will target to drive innovation.


The Most Important KPIs to Measure Innovation

When it comes to analysing the growth of an organisation and its level of innovation, you need to measure KPIs. But which ones?

Featured Speakers

Philip Carter

Philip Carter

IDC Chief Analyst

Neil Sholay

Neil Sholay

Vice President of Digital Innovation, Oracle

Tomorrow’s Intelligence, Today

HR Needs to Embrace Technology Transformation

Why HR Needs to Embrace Technology Transformation

45% of today’s work activities can be automated using technology. Learn why HR needs to reskill to recruit for new roles.

Innovation’s Role in Driving Business Growth

Innovation’s Role in Driving Business Growth

Find out the top barriers that stop HR from fully embracing the innovation agenda across their organisation.

Technology Agility Within HR

Technology Agility Within HR

Find out why HR needs to embrace emerging technologies in order to create a more agile environment to foster innovation.