Arlington delivers optimum quality of experience with Oracle SD-WAN

Exceptional customer experience is Arlington’s vision. Rapid growth and expansion to eight locations serving more than 10,000 active businesses and an “extended family” through its Carolina Wholesale and Digitek operations, meant it had to find a way to reduce costs and simplify the management of its diverse networks. In its quest to offer customers a superior ecommerce B2B supply operation, Arlington turned to Vision96, an expert at deploying multisite VPNs and multiprotocol label switching for high availability. The two firms blueprinted a digital transformation network of the future, which included a hybrid WAN for advanced branch office communications. Oracle SD-WAN was the best solution, allowing for better performance and central management while reducing network costs by 45%.

Vision96 simplified SD-WAN for us and quickly helped us solidify the selection of Oracle SD-WAN, resulting in significant cost savings.

Alexander GarciaNetwork and Infrastructure Team Manager, Arlington

Business challenges

  • Increasingly frequent network brownouts
  • Poor network uptime
  • Call center agent downtime
  • Incomplete file transfers

Sluggish network file access performance


  • Deployed multisite VPNs and implemented hybrid WAN, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity
  • Created platinum-quality contact center interactions and support, enabling high multicloud quality of experience and full visibility for Arlington’s domestic and overseas applications
  • Achieved 45% network savings and 10% overall cost savings due to diverse, low-cost WAN services
  • Provided best-in-class firewall security, ensuring enhanced privacy, data security, and high availability across all of Arlington’s applications, both domestic and international


Established in 2014, Vision96 is a managed services provider and technology partner with a broad range of industry expertise and strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors. It delivers personalized service and leverages its extensive experience and networks to help businesses create a plan for today’s IT needs that surpass tomorrow’s goals.
公開日:March 25, 2020