MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud helps sustain phenomenal growth

The ed-tech company leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL HeatWave for fast analytics, predictable low costs, and on-demand scalability.


当社のプラットフォームには1か月に300万人の受講者がいます。estuda.comにアクセスするユーザーは全員、自分の評価レポートをリアルタイムに確認できる必要があります。Oracle Cloud Infrastructure上のMySQL HeatWaveは、予測可能な低コストで、当社が必要としている問合せのパフォーマンスと柔軟性を実現してくれています。

Vitor Pereira de Freitas氏、共同創設者兼最高技術責任者

Business challenges is a platform that aims to prepare students in Brazil for higher education institutions. It serves both the B2C and B2B segments: In B2C, students take mock exams and have their performances evaluated in real time; in B2B, administrators and teachers can access a database of questions for use in creating tests. The ed-tech company automates the entire exam process, including offline and online exercises and simulations, feedback, and assessments.

Ten years ago, 95% of Estuda’s material was paper-based and only 5% online, but this ratio inverted quicker than the organization expected. The amount of data the company had to process increased significantly, at first doubling every year, then accelerating even more. In the past two years, with the pandemic forcing staff and students to stay at home, demand for Estuda increased exponentially from 2 million to 9 million users, putting tremendous strain on its ability to process the resulting data.

Estuda’s users expect fast speeds, but the company’s rapid growth hampered its ability to deliver. If a student could not see a feedback report in 30 seconds, the page would be closed, and the transaction lost. The critical challenge for Estuda was to find a cloud-based database that was fast, cost-effective, and effortlessly and quickly scalable. 

オラクルとは素晴らしいパートナシップを築いており、今後さらに発展していくでしょう。現在使用しているオラクルのサービスはごく一部ですが、Oracle Cloudには、マーケティングやその他のサービスを含め、利用できる機能が数多くあります。

Vitor Pereira de Freitas氏、共同創設者兼CTO

Why Estuda Tecnologias Educacionais S.A. chose Oracle

Estuda initially used AWS RDS and over time adopted other cloud services including GCP’s BigQuery. MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) beat the performance requirement of analytical queries processing in less than 10 seconds. Combined with the advantageous cost structure, MySQL HeatWave on OCI was the clear choice for Estuda.


Moving to MySQL Heatwave produced a staggering 300X faster response time for complex queries compared to BigQuery.  OCI’s more predictable flat fee pricing model compared to GCP enabled Estuda to reduce costs by 85%. Additionally, MySQL Heatwave eliminates the need to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) the data from a transactional database to be analyzed, saving the company more time and costs.

The superior query speed, on-demand scalability, and affordable costs of MySQL HeatWave enabled Estuda to quickly expand its business to impact more students. It increasingly found itself in the position where its B2B customers were upselling the assessment system to their own students. This not only increased the number of users on the platform but made the growth unpredictable. Yet, even with a regional market of 9 million students, Estuda is currently using only 20% of its MySQL HeatWave capacity and has a reliable platform for growth.

公開日:March 29, 2022