Neostar jump-starts digital customer experiences with Oracle Marketing

The car buying platform puts customer communications in overdrive with real-time personalization powered by Oracle Marketing.


Business challenges

Neostar is a modern, transparent platform for buying, selling, and servicing used cars. The company’s mission is to use technology to level the playing field between buyers and sellers by ensuring that vehicle information is reliable, verifiable, and easily accessible. Neostar’s digital platform encompasses all aspects of buying and selling a used car, including inspection, maintenance, financing, legal paperwork, warranties, and payment.

As part of its strategy to disrupt the automotive industry, Neostar was in the market for a messaging tool to communicate with car owners about their vehicles in a personalized, one-to-one way. With two categories of customers (buyers and sellers), Neostar also needed to better understand its customers so that communications could be tailored to the unique interests of buyers and sellers.

The company’s goal was to utilize an automated solution for sending individualized communications to customers based on website behavior. The intent was to be both reactive by responding to customer behavior but also proactive enough to suggest new and different products. Neostar also needed a dependable marketing automation tool that could grow with the business.

Why Neostar chose Oracle

Neostar selected Oracle Responsys Campaign Management after determining that Responsys could scale with the Neostar platform as it continues to gain momentum. For this reason, Oracle CX was an integral part of the platform and Neostar’s overall digital strategy from day one.

Unlike other vendors considered, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle was prepared to work closely with Neostar to truly understand the business, the brand, the market, and the needs of the organization.


The trifecta of Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform has enabled Neostar to increase personalization while alleviating the need for daily system maintenance.

With Oracle Responsys, Neostar has been able to achieve a custom communication strategy to engage with customers beyond its own website, using recommended product listings to highlight alternative vehicle suggestions in email messages. With this approach, Neostar is now able to reengage customers and drive them back to its website.

Since Neostar is a platform that services a variety of customers based on differing car-related needs, the company also wanted a data management platform that could segment customers appropriately. Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform has enabled Neostar to take its automotive platform to new heights by analyzing, segmenting, and then retargeting users with digital advertisements based on their individual interests.

Oracle Infinity is further enhancing Neostar’s email marketing campaigns by tracking customer behaviors in real time on the platform. Neostar can now proactively trigger more relevant communications based on website actions and browsing history.

公開日:March 4, 2022