Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization

Retail Planning and Retail Optimization Solutions

Make better decisions with purpose-built planning solutions.

Optimizing Sell-Through on Any Channel

It's no longer enough to have the right product. Hyper-personalized, omnichannel planning and faster turn on assortments is essential to competing for and converting customer traffic. But aggregating and analyzing the data to make the switch from product-centric to shopper-centric can be a challenge for retail buyers.

Oracle Retail's Planning and Optimization suite empowers retailer planning teams to combine disparate data sources, including performance, market, and vendor, and leverage retail science to drive intelligent and localized assortments without the increased overhead of full-time data scientists.

We offer flexibility in deployment so that you can leverage best practices, migrate existing on-premises solutions based on specialized and well-defined processes, or use a hybrid approach that leverages tailored cloud services so you can align IT investment with business goals.

Better anticipate and maximize profits. Simplify assortment plans, and inspire consumers with Oracle Retail Planning solutions.

Explore Oracle's Retail Planning and Retail Optimization Solutions

Do your planning solutions deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive optimized assortments across channels?

Drive increased employee productivity, faster response time to exceptions, and streamlined planning through user-centric dashboards and real-time dynamic data.

  • Spread and aggregate demand across channels, categories, and time. Instantly visualize the impact of changes at all levels, and identify cross-channel growth and opportunity areas.
  • Embed data, science, and analytics in your business process to deliver targeted, tailored assortments, maximizing the ROI of space and inventory without the overhead of on-staff data scientists.
  • Inspire user adoption and increased productivity with a flexible, configurable user experience and industry best practices.

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