Grupo Ocupa gains automation, efficiency with Oracle Cloud

The port operator expands its Oracle Cloud applications suite for growth, internal controls, and customer satisfaction.

We have underpinned our growth with the implementation of Oracle solutions. We have integrated solutions such as ERP into our processes, which allowed us to manage business activities and information flows. It gives us certainty in all our financial and administrative transactions.

Luis Becker TamezChief Administrative Officer, Grupo Ocupa

Business challenges

Grupo Ocupa is a Manzanillo, Mexico-based company specializing in port and foreign trade operations. The company provides logistics, supply chain, and port services to a range of customers including customs and shipping agencies, importers, exporters, and trade operators. (Navieras Shipping is part of the organization.)

Among the challenges that Grupo Ocupa faced were business and HR functions that relied on manual input with little to no traceability or digital record-keeping. Producing financial reports required accountants to spend nearly two weeks poring over spreadsheets.

In the purchasing department, only 30% of purchase orders were processed automatically, while invoicing was completed once a day.

Grupo Ocupa also had no system for overseeing logistics, nor did it have a system for tracking sales because no records were being kept. For customer quotes, the company had to rely on the IT department to manually program any new benefit negotiated with a client.

Why Grupo Ocupa chose Oracle

The cost-benefit ratio was a huge factor in Ocupa’s decision to adopt Oracle Cloud. The cost of implementation and cloud management was more affordable with Oracle compared to other vendors. The company also trusted Oracle’s long-standing focus on cloud technology and concluded that Oracle’s suite of cloud services provided a comprehensive solution to its challenges.



After Grupo Ocupa deployed Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, Oracle Configure, Price, Quote, and Oracle Sales, the company saw dramatic improvements across the organization.

Using Oracle Cloud ERP, Grupo Ocupa reduced data consolidation and validation to a three- or four-day process. Administrative, financial, and customer data is now standardized and reliable. The company also set up budget analysis, approval hierarchy, and payment scheduling.

Nearly 100% of the invoicing process became automated, while inventory work dropped from about a week to just one day.

With the Oracle Transportation Management system in place, Grupo Ocupa was able to keep track of its full logistics process, gaining control of its operations.

Meanwhile, Oracle Cloud HCM helped Grupo Ocupa rapidly input new-hire data, and make that data available across the organization in less than an hour.

With Oracle CPQ, Grupo Ocupa achieved better control over applying sales discounts. The company also improved record keeping and alleviated the team’s dependence on IT to code critical configure, price, and quote data. Oracle Sales allowed sales managers to capture all sales activity in real time. The company also established a post-sales follow-up process.

Having a complete suite of cloud solutions has improved Grupo Ocupa’s overall operational efficiency while it continues to adopt best practices throughout the company.


DoTTI Consulting worked with Grupo Ocupa to migrate to Oracle Cloud applications.

Published:November 6, 2021