Alawneh Exchange speeds product deployments using Oracle integration services

The Jordanian money transfer and currency exchange business turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services to quickly release new products.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services enabled us to meet our business strategy goal of introducing our new online money transfer system to compete with other players in the global market.

Asaad AlawnehDeputy General Manager, Alawneh Exchange

Business challenges

Established in 1966, Alawneh Exchange is a prominent money transfer and currency exchange business based in Jordan. The company operates 40 branches and offers a comprehensive range of foreign currency exchange and money transfer services.

To eliminate time-consuming and sometimes incomplete transactions, Alawneh wanted to move from its legacy model of transacting with agents. The company decided to expand the business and become the premier provider of currency exchange and transfer services in the region.

To achieve this goal, Alawneh needed technology to enable customers to send money instantly between countries, enabling fast remittances by connecting all of its agents around the world in a single payment system.

The company began analyzing middleware offerings to help developers build new products more effectively, providing connective tissue between applications, information, and users.

Why Alawneh Exchange chose Oracle

Alawneh selected Oracle over competitors because of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s optimal price-performance and the company’s strong local presence in Jordan.


Following an infrastructure cost simulation, Alawneh chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration services to integrate with global partners, simplify business processes automation, and facilitate data sharing across applications. OCI integration services provided reliability and flexible implementation.

By integrating APIs from the different partner agents, Alawneh built a new, high-performance money transferring capability. As a result, the company became the first in Jordan to provide an instant payment system, and rapidly built and deployed applications for fast money remittances from mobile phones.

Oracle played an important part in the company’s success. The inclusion of integration services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helped Alawneh and its integration partner to create and host APIs on OCI, connecting custom components which are used throughout the integration process.

Compatibility between integration services and OCI enabled Alawneh to host custom and third-party components on Oracle Cloud Compute and Database. OCI offers fast, flexible, and affordable compute capacity to fit any workload need, from flexible virtual machines to high-performance bare metal servers.

The high flexibility of Oracle Cloud allowed Alawneh’s integration partner to solve challenges on the fly without requiring outside approvals for networking or hardware changes.


Sahabi Cloud Consulting offered a proof-of-concept and demo to evaluate if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services would fit Alawneh’s requirements. The dedicated cloud professional services firm specializes in cloud infrastructure, integration, and API management. Sahabi provided technology implementation assistance for Alawneh, then implemented the solution using the flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle integration services.

Published:July 8, 2022