Customer Service with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service

Exelon Corporation elevates customer experience with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service.


Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service empowers us to quickly deliver solutions for emerging channels while ensuring that our customers have a consistent experience, regardless of how they interact with us.

Michael MenendezVice President of IT BGE and Exelon Utilities Customer, Exelon Corporation

Business challenges

Exelon Corporation is an energy company in the US  focused on enhancing customer experience throughout the customer journey. As customers embrace mobile technologies, Exelon wanted to improve its ability to interact via this important channel.

Exelon used Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service as the foundation for its chatbot, which relies on natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand conversations and works with Oracle Integration and Migration to connect with back-end systems and provide clear answers. The solution is critical to the company’s strategy for improving satisfaction and enabling customers to communicate with the utility in the way that is most convenient for them.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service includes customer experience analytics that deliver the insight we need to personalize interactions. That analysis considers multiple channels so we know what customers prefer to do on a mobile app versus a bot.

Rajesh Kumar ThakurPrincipal Architect, Exelon Corporation


Created a strategy for improving customer satisfaction by solving problems before live agent intervention is required with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service

Gained agility to rapidly leverage new channels and interaction innovation, including Exelon’s mobile application for use in an in-home assistant device in just a few days

Improved ability to provide rapid and complete responses to utility customer inquiries—such as questions about billing or service outages—with a chatbot that uses natural language processing and AI to understand conversations and context

Empowered customers to engage with the utility in the way that is most convenient for them—whether text, phone, or web—and do it in their preferred mobile interface

Set a foundation for elevating customer satisfaction with a modern infrastructure that ensures a consistent experience across all channels  

Expedited chatbot launch by creating a prototype in less than two weeks with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service—a solution that removes the complexity of writing different code for every potential chat platform

Ensured rapid scaling by leveraging microservices developed for Exelon’s mobile application and existing APIs to securely provision the back-end services required for the new chatbot channel

Created a channel-agnostic technology architecture that allows the utility to build and quickly apply new capabilities across multiple channels, improving its ability to take advantage of new channels as they emerge

Enabled continuous improvement of the chatbot with the AI, machine learning, and natural language processing capabilities provided by Oracle

Personalized engagement with end users thanks to the customer experience analytics of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Service

Published:January 19, 2018