Grupo Lello speeds up financial processes and close times with Oracle Cloud EPM

The real estate firm uses Oracle Cloud EPM Planning to save time on execution and puts its  focus on the strategic analysis of financial results.


It used to take three to five days to prepare standard reports and graphs after closing the balance on the tenth day, in addition to other specific analysis. Today, with Oracle Planning, we can instantly get this data.

Luciana Ribeiro ArmentanoControlling Director, Grupo Lello

Business challenges

Founded in 1954, Grupo Lello provides real estate services spanning administration, leasing, and sales. The company currently manages more than 3,000 condominiums and has a sizable footprint across the state of São Paulo.

Despite offering a large portfolio of digital services to its customers, Lello’s employees still relied on many paper-based, manual processes. Primarily, systems were siloed, and departments were isolated from each other, which limited the company’s understanding of big-picture financial performance and sales. In addition, the consolidation of results took a long time and the values usually diverged.

The company wanted more agility in data analysis and to optimize processes with a system that could integrate information across the entire company.

Why Grupo Lello chose Oracle

After evaluating various systems, Grupo Lello selected Oracle Planning and Budgeting, one of the modules that make up Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The choice was based on the system’s ability to address the key areas of the company’s action plan and improve financial processes.


With Oracle EPM Planning, Lello has considerably reduced the time it takes to issue reports and graphs—a process considered one of the most important for the company each month.

Previously, it took three to five days to prepare standard reports and graphs after closing the balance on the tenth day, in addition to other specific analysis. With Oracle EPM Planning, the group executives have access to financial documents instantly, enabling faster decision-making.

In addition, the software also made it easier to view financial data, presenting vertical and horizontal analysis, trend lines, and graphics. The executive director of each area has access to a dashboard for revenue and budget comparisons, enabling them to detect trends and prepare spending forecasts more efficiently.

The tool also ensures better project control and visibility, which leads to more productivity. The possibility of easily monitoring goals, deadlines, numbers, and dates represents a strategic gain for Lello.

“Oracle EPM Planning allows our teams to spend less time on execution and to focus on the strategic analysis of financial results,” says Luciana Ribeiro Armentano, controlling director for Grupo Lello. “With these more accurate insights, we have better visibility and can use resources more efficiently in the industries in which we already operate, as well as in those with potential business opportunities.”

By focusing on analysis rather than execution, the next step is to allow analysts from different areas within Lello Group to enter data into the budget so that everything is done directly on Oracle EPM Planning, making number crunching and budgeting even more agile in 2023.

Published:July 21, 2022