InMobi expands in-app ad measurement capabilities with Oracle Moat

The advertising technology company leverages Oracle Moat to offer a complete view of mobile campaigns while maximizing customers’ return on ad spend.


With Oracle Moat Analytics, we have the most advanced ad measurement capabilities available on the market today to help our customers maximize the return on their ad spend.

Saurav DuttaDirector of Product Marketing and Ecosystem, Exchange and Meson, InMobi

Business challenges

InMobi is a leading provider of content, monetization, and marketing technologies that help fuel growth for industries around the world. The company’s end-to-end advertising software platform, connected content, and commerce experiences help brands activate audiences, drive real connections, and diversify revenue.

Headquartered in Singapore, InMobi maintains a large presence in San Francisco, London, and Bangalore, and has operations in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, and Dubai.

As part of its focus on mobile innovation, InMobi wanted a solution that would allow its customers to address the lack of top funnel, in-app measurement capabilities for their campaigns, beyond the standard page impressions and click through rate. Specifically, the company wanted to offer customers the ability to independently measure viewability and related metrics in a way accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

Moreover, InMobi needed a solution that would integrate with its platform to help its customers know whether ads were served according to brand safety guidelines.

I remember when the solution first went live with Moat Analytics, one of our key customers called us up and told us how happy their management was that the challenge of viewability for in-app ads had finally been solved. Moat enabled us to find new pockets of growth with existing customers and succeed with net new customers as well. And we look forward to closely partnering with them to keep innovating in the mobile advertising world.

Saurav DuttaDirector of Product Marketing and Ecosystem, Exchange and Meson, InMobi

Why InMobi chose Oracle

InMobi’s starting point for choosing Oracle Moat Analytics was the shared customer base with Oracle. Many of InMobi’s customers were already using the tool for ad measurement, so adopting Oracle Moat as an unbiased verification partner for its own platform was a natural fit. Moat’s ability to seamlessly integrate with the company’s platform allowed InMobi to rapidly deploy an MRC-accredited system that could quickly meet and exceed the fast-paced demands of the mobile advertising industry.


Using Oracle Moat Analytics, InMobi was able to launch the first MRC-accredited in-app viewability solution in the market. Customers saw an average viewability on display ads of 84%, exceeding the industry benchmark of 68%. The massive increase was also seen in the viewability of the video format, which reached an average viewership of 88%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 63%.

Running a branding campaign for a premium video advertiser in the early days, InMobi’s customer achieved a viewable rate of 85% for around 2.5 million page impressions, building brand awareness with hard-to-reach demographics and increasing the customer’s subscriber base.

Using Oracle Moat Analytics, InMobi improved data collection from campaigns running on its platform. Consequently, the company was able to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their advertising campaigns while also being able to run optimization exercises to meet customers’ KPI goals.

The integration with Oracle Moat Analytics enabled the company to measure that 97% of the impressions served by its platform were brand-safe for customers.

These capabilities helped InMobi build trust among its customer base and increase customer satisfaction. Building on this success, the company is looking forward to collaborating with Oracle Advertising on key trending topics like in-game viewability and attention as a metric to provide more industry-first mobile solutions for its customers.

Published:March 25, 2022