Kubota cultivates new finance opportunities with Oracle

Kubota deployed Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing to support growth, enhance dealer relationships, and improve operational efficiency.


The market is changing—and our customers demand more flexible finance options. To meet these changing requirements and support Kubota’s ambitious growth goals, we needed to upgrade our legacy system—and Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing delivered.

Tyler WilhiteSenior Operations Support and Project Manager, Kubota Credit Corporation

Business challenges

Versatility is a key value proposition for Kubota Tractor Company, which manufactures an expanding line of tractors, mowers, and construction and farm equipment. The company’s finance group, Kubota Credit Corporation, USA (KCC), looks to bring the same spirit of versatility to its finance programs as the farm and construction equipment market continues to change.

However, KCC’s highly customized, AS400-based finance system  could not deliver the agility needed for the group to innovate and deliver new offerings, including lease options, master loans, capital loans, the ability to finance products outside the Kubota line.

With Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing, KCC gained the functionality and flexibility to support rapid growth, while enhancing dealer relationships and improving overall efficiency of its finance operations.

We are very pleased with the successful data migration and reconciliation of the complete portfolio. With Oracle, we saw smooth production cutover and error-free day one batch process.

Tyler WilhiteSenior Operations Support and Project Manager, Kubota Credit Corporation

Why Kubota Chose Oracle?

Kubota selected Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing in large part because of its functionality and configurability. The company could retire multiple systems—including its core finance system, a custom funding solution, and a collections application—and consolidate on a unified modern platform.


Kubota migrated from its highly customized legacy system to Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing. Today, it is equipped to manage end-to-end finance processes with a single, modern solution. It also has the flexibility needed to deliver new offerings and extend programs to additional manufacturer lines in the future.

Since implementing the solution, KCC has automated transaction processing, deployed customer self-service capabilitiesand launched a leasing program—just to start. These capabilities not only improved operational efficiency but enhanced customer service and dealer relationships.

As important, the company has greatly reduced the IT management and maintenance burden associated with its legacy AS400 systems and is saving more than $1 million annually by eliminating dependency on its legacy vendor’s data center.

The new solution has supported KCC’s growth to encompass a portfolio of 450,000 accounts valued at $7 billion. KCC could not have supported this growth with its rigid legacy system. Previously, batch processing and posting payments took up to nine hours and often cut into the business day. Today, KCC posts and processes transactions in under six hours. Thanks to Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing’s automation capabilities, KCC is ready for business at the start of each day.

Published:November 25, 2020