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Smart Applications International Improves Access to Healthcare in Africa


Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service helps us positively impact society by facilitating easier, faster access to healthcare services while automating administrative and management tasks. We now empower healthcare insurance providers with the information they need to manage and offer the most relevant insurance products to the people of Africa.

— Harrison Muiru, Group Managing Director, Smart Applications International Ltd.

Smart Applications International Partners with Oracle to Improve Reach of Quality Healthcare Access Options in Africa

Smart Applications International Ltd. is a leading IT services company whose core business offering is a pioneering biometrics identification and medical insurance automation application platform. The company offers their end-to-end solution to more than 3,000 insured companies and is accessed by over 3,000 healthcare facilities running the Biometric Smart solution, with reach to over 1 million insured individuals across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Via the Biometric Smart solution, the insured can biometrically identify themselves easily, and access their coverage, balance, and benefits. The hospital can provide appropriate treatment based on the unique biometric information and coverage rules on the card. Following treatment, the medical services provider generates an automatic electronic claim that is provided to the insurance through Smart Applications’ platform.

With the ever-increasing customer data and plans to cover all of Africa, Smart Applications could not afford to maintain their stop-gap approach to keeping up by buying new servers nor the resulting go-to-market delays it created. Instead, the company decided to deploy a cloud solution.

  • Ensure the data stored on the biometric identification cards is accurate and accessible by all interested parties, at all times
  • Improve time to market and offer customers a more reliable way of accessing their data by moving Smart Applications’ platform off multiple servers to the cloud
  • Provide healthcare insurance providers enhanced insights by leveraging a business intelligence (BI) solution that uses robust data analysis to help detect trends, prevent fraud, and gain competitive insights
  • Empower providers with accurate, real-time data to provide the most-needed and relevant healthcare insurance products to the population in Africa, where currently less than 3% of the population has health insurance
  • Deliver more insightful and helpful analytic insights to healthcare insurance providers rather than simply static reports
  • Drive efficiencies in medical treatments, enable consistent claims reporting, and minimize disputes among medical insurance providers, healthcare facilities, and insured individuals with an end-to-end solution that integrates each party’s data on a single platform
  • Boosted customer engagement with the increased platform availability and performance offered by Oracle Database and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, enabling medical insurance providers and healthcare facilities to verify claims and process disputes 70% faster
  • Laid the foundation for achieving 5% to 10% increase in long-term healthcare insurance penetration in Africa by providing insurance companies access to accurate and timely data needed to create relevant healthcare insurance products
  • Saved over 30% in time and effort supporting new medical insurance providers and healthcare facilities with easy-to-use dashboards that eliminate the need to reinvent and reconfigure client setups every time
  • Reduced time spent between client engagement to successfully delivery client requirements by up to 40%, enabling the company to increase revenue stream and improve forecasting accuracy
  • Ensured a smooth deployment of Oracle Platform as a Service within two months with 80% of employees across the company using—and depending on—the platform to successfully serve customers
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and increased efficiency by more than 20% through the Smart Applications’ medical insurance platform analytics by migrating databases from multiple servers to a single, cloud solution—Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Shortened time to market by 15% for products and services running on Smart Applications’ medical insurance platform by eliminating the need to develop and test client security requirements on site as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service provides enhanced security and features like Data Mask and Data Vault natively
  • Achieved 100% platform availability since deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service solution, allowing Smart Applications to maximize existing client opportunities and develop new revenue streams
  • Positioned the company for accomplishing their future goal of hosting not only data and providing deep analytics to healthcare clients but expanding to new sectors like banking, finance, and government


We selected Oracle for its leadership in technical expertise, strong partnership with customers, collaboration, and essentially the maturity, scalability and capability of Oracle Cloud products founded on the many years of Oracle technology excellence. The partnership with Oracle has taken us to the next level as a business.

— Harrison Muiru, Group Managing Director, Smart Applications International Ltd.

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Under US$100 million

Smart Applications International Ltd. has been in operation for 13 years. The company provides secure IT solutions for identity management, process automation, and information management. With a pioneering solution, Smart Applications International is changing the landscape of healthcare insurance in Africa.

Published:  Mar 07, 2017