Solistica lifts on-time deliveries by 20% with Oracle Cloud

Logistics company integrates Oracle Transportation Management with Oracle Cloud ERP to match delivery schedules, resulting in more on-time shipments.


When I look ahead, I see tremendous potential in leading-edge technologies like IoT and machine learning to help drive even more improvements for our customers. The way I see it, we are really only at the beginning of our journey, but with Oracle we're on the road to a better world.

David OrellanaGlobal CIO, Solistica

Business challenges

Solistica, one of Latin America’s top third-party logistics companies, makes 1,900,000 deliveries each week to 4,000 customers in seven countries, using its fleet of 6,000 trucks.

As the company expands, it needs to keep up with some fundamental tasks such as connecting orders to transportation options, or figuring out how many pallets of goods could fit inside a truck. To keep deliveries on track, logistics managers often had to switch between multiple systems and rely on phone calls and emails to make time-sensitive decisions.

The leadership team looked to increase automation so workers could spend less time on low-value tasks, and more on improving delivery performance and customer service. The company wanted a better way to capture and analyze its operational data, and then bring that into decision making to help improve the business.  

At Solistica, we need innovation to improve our logistics business. As a part of that innovation, we found the right partner and were an early adopter, as the first 3PL to adopt OTM cloud in Latin America, which was fantastic.

David OrellanaGlobal CIO, Solistica

Why Solistica chose Oracle

Solistica chose cloud-based Oracle Transportation Management in part because of the ease with which it could integrate into the company’s Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning. The connection makes it much easier for Solistica to synchronize route schedules with maintenance services, and deliver more shipments, while controlling costs and meeting customer delivery windows.


By moving its logistics platform to Oracle Cloud, Solistica increased its on-time deliveries by 20% and improved its truck loading capabilities, resulting in a 3% to 5% increase in overall capacity to take more shipments.

With Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Cloud ERP, and the combination of fuel savings and better asset utilization, Solistica has been able to reduce its transportation costs by 20% to 30%.

Published:October 1, 2020