Soniks Consulting moves to OCI to better serve the needs of its clients

Oracle Enterprise Database Service on OCI enables Soniks Consulting to extend higher-performing solutions and services to its customers.


We chose OCI with future workloads and application availability in mind. We left infrastructure and hardware cloud worries behind us and can focus on product development and sales rather than worrying about underlying hardware and infrastructure issues.

Ram MalayCEO, Soniks Consulting Services

Business challenges

Soniks Consulting serves the needs of a long and diverse list of Oracle clients. The firm assists clients with implementing and maintaining on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite ERP (EBS), lifting and shifting Oracle ERP to the cloud, and migrating on-premises platforms to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

As a major solutions provider, Soniks Consulting seeks to continuously improve and enhance its offerings. The company maintains its own data centers in the United States and India and uses its in-house research and development team to build, test, and deploy various Oracle products. The reliability of the Oracle databases and applications it supports is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction internationally.

The firm’s development and support teams require a powerful and flexible platform to support their complex database performance and integration management. The team handled these processes in-house by creating a variety of dashboards, tools, scripts, and automation capabilities.

As the firm grew rapidly, the team found it increasingly challenging to scale to the demand for its portfolio of customer solutions and to craft new applications. Given all the different workarounds and tools required, processes became cumbersome and time consuming to deliver the desired outcomes to their clients.

Also, these teams wanted to have better visibility into Soniks’ various database systems and to more accurately forecast infrastructure demand, while also reducing maintenance and implementation costs. Combined, these factors were placing a heavy burden on the teams.

To achieve these goals, Soniks Consulting’s leadership decided it needed more robust database management and cloud infrastructure capabilities.

One of the easiest choices for us was to select Oracle Database Cloud Service to minimize our CapEx and just pay a subscription fee. We now have the best available database features and can extend those benefits to our customers.

Ram MalayCEO, Soniks Consulting Services

Why Soniks Consulting chose Oracle

Because it works exclusively with Oracle customers, Soniks Consulting chose Oracle to upgrade its cloud and database infrastructure to Oracle Enterprise Database Service on OCI.


Upgrading to Oracle Enterprise Database Service running on OCI produced a variety of benefits, both quantitative and qualitative. The automation of many of the database management functions reduced the time, effort, and resources needed to support Soniks Consulting’s portfolio and helped reduce payroll processing time from 3 hours to only 5 minutes.

The applications provided by the firm are now more scalable, and users benefit from more robust capabilities and streamlined processes. For example, the full Oracle stack allowed Soniks Consulting to develop a single command capability for its customers to run a full payroll cycle on its ClickHCM platform. Additionally, the improved infrastructure enabled the company’s development team to support more Oracle E-Business Suite modules that address requirements for recruitment, employee management, and leave and absence management.

OCI gave Soniks Consulting unlimited scalability, more robust integration capabilities, and enhanced capabilities for database management. This helped teams to more accurately provision customers, predict fluctuations in computing demand, and proactively address fluxes with load balancing and other performance tools.

Also, by moving to an on-demand database stack, Soniks Consulting reduced its up-front capital costs. The consumption-based licensing proved to be more appropriate for its needs. When clients needed more computing power, Soniks Consulting’s support teams simply scaled the system to the demand and pricing was adjusted accordingly.

Published:December 23, 2022

About the customer

Soniks Consulting is an international Oracle ERP implementation and integration solutions provider serving India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It offers full consulting, implementation, upgrade, and maintenance services for Oracle technologies in a variety of industries and regions. It also offers ClickHCM, a robust payroll software application written in Oracle APEX.