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Provide personalized experiences to convert more shoppers

Capture and unify all customer interactions into a comprehensive customer profile. Apply AI and machine learning to determine the next best experience and activate that it at the moment of need with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP).

How retailers can benefit from Unity Customer Data Platform

01Gain a 360-degree view of every customer

Deliver highly personalized omnichannel experiences through a single view of customer interactions across advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, and ecommerce.

360° Customer Management (PDF)

02Improve customer retention and loyalty

Keep customers happy, engaged, and loyal by rewarding them for their interactions. Personalize at every touchpoint and address —in real time—certain actions, such as shopping cart abandonment and advertising/promotion suppression.

Blog: Learn more about CDP-based loyalty programs

03Reduce cost per conversion

Provide the best possible experiences using the power of AI and machine learning to intelligently guide customers to complete a purchase.

Blog: How to get to know your customer and make every interaction count

04Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Deliver timely, relevant, and contextually aware promotions and experiences at the exact point in time that customers are most receptive. Maximize customer lifetime value.

Learn more about Oracle Unity

Mazda logo

Mazda Motor Europe boosts campaign results with Oracle

The European headquarters of Mazda Motor Corporation synchronized its marketing capabilities across all markets. Mazda’s streamlined campaign execution boosts email open rates.

Unity Customer Data Platform features

Have the most up-to-date information about your customers and respond to their needs in real time.

Unified customer profile

Simplify and connect all of your online, offline, first-, second-, and third-party datasources into a dynamic, unified customer profile.

Omnichannel profile enrichment

Understand your customers at a deeper level across all channels through key indicators such as propensity to churn and customer lifetime value.

Smart segmentation

Increase customer engagement and loyalty through intelligent segmentation that targets intent and aligns it to relevant messaging.

Omnichannel shopper analytics

Measure engagement using AI and machine learning. Model, predict, and recommend the best customer experiences and improve customer lifetime value.

Personalize experiences at scale

Create, deploy, and analyze an optimal brand experience for every customer while maintaining context across the entire customer journey.

Retail-specific data model

Leverage a data model built specifically for retail and a metadata-driven architecture that you can fully configure and customize.

See how the right CDP lets you create and activate unique CX in real time, at scale.

Thought Leadership

Defining the customer data platform and why you should care

Abbas Makhdum, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

Today, many customer data platforms fall short. A true enterprise CDP has power. It can deliver true intelligence and drive your business forward. It all comes down unified customer profiles, customer data enrichment, customer analytics, and so much more.

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