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Real-time intelligence and personalization

With our advanced AI and machine learning, you can deliver personalized and consistent messages, tailored to each of your customers—whether they are making a purchase for themselves or on behalf of their company. Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence captures your customers’ and prospects’ interactions with your campaigns, offers, and content in real time. New intelligence capabilities within Oracle Responsys Campaign Management help you preview results and adjust strategies before launching campaigns.

Predictive scoring for B2B using machine learning

Marketers are under constant pressure to identify new sales opportunities in the fastest time possible. Predictive scoring within Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation uses machine learning to help you understand contacts as they engage with your brand over time. The machine learning model predicts when an opportunity is ready for sales. Our predictive scoring model looks at different attributes to find what successful conversions have in common—geography, industry, title, engagement pattern, and more—to build accurate scoring models.

Video creation and management

Predictive lead scoring helps you improve the quality of the leads sent to your sales team.

  • Automate lead scoring in real time across multiple product lines.
  • Take the guesswork and manual effort out of rule-based scoring models.
  • Understand when a prospect is most ready to buy.
  • Improve sales productivity and increase lead conversions by driving higher-quality leads.

Learn more about Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

View predicted program outcomes before campaign launch

Have more confidence in the outcome of your campaigns before launch by simulating program results. Oracle Responsys Campaign Management uses machine learning to help you preview results and make adjustments before going live. Identify which campaigns have a higher likelihood to deliver stronger engagement with your audience. The simulation tool allows you to map your desired customer journey and watch as the simulator predicts the open rate and click rate of each channel and message based on previous campaigns, for up to five variations at a time.

Content creation wizard

Advanced intelligence (AI) helps you predict campaign outcomes—instantly.

  • Eliminate endless testing and optimization cycles by instantly analyzing predicted results.
  • Replace guesswork with data science using machine learning to predict outcomes before going live with a new campaign.
  • Identify opportunities to add or eliminate touchpoints.
  • Find the best combination of actions in the right cadence and frequency to increase customer engagement with your campaigns and offers.

Learn more about Oracle Responsys Campaign Management.

Behavioral intelligence leads to real-time personalization

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence helps you deliver real-time, relevant, and personalized digital experiences, whether your customers are buying for themselves or on behalf of their company. Streaming behavioral data coupled with AI and machine learning derives intelligence from customer signals and helps you deliver personalized experiences in real time across all of your digital channels. Sophisticated marketing is now simple. Advanced algorithms do the heavy lifting, allowing you to collect, understand, and then use real-time behavioral intelligence to respond to customers at their point of need—without IT involvement.

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence delivers personalized website experiences

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence delivers personalized website and app experiences in real time.

  • Stream behavioral data to understand customers’ digital actions and respond to their needs immediately.
  • Gain insights about customer behaviors and intent and get recommendations for the next-best actions.
  • Run tests to determine which website and app experiences will resonate with your customers.
  • Easily set connections to send customer data and triggers to your other applications, including those for campaign management and marketing automation.

Learn more about Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence.

Intelligent marketing capabilities to personalize interactions (3:39)

Learn how we use AI to adapt to customer behaviors in real time with highly relevant customer offers.

Real-time customer experience innovations (13:22)

See how marketing innovations—such as real-time personalization and content management—can impact your top line.

Highlights from Oracle Live (5:21)

Watch highlights from the latest Oracle Advertising and CX quarterly innovation update with Rob Tarkoff.

Quarterly innovation update

Explore the latest Oracle Advertising and CX innovations for service, sales, marketing, and advertising.

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