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Quarterly Update on Innovations for Advertising and CX—May 2021

Wednesday, May 12

Create long-lasting customer relationships with relevant, personal experiences

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience
Alistair Galbraith, Senior Director, CX Product Strategy, Oracle
Teffani Zadeh, CIO, Growth Enablement and North America IT, Aon

Rob Tarkoff reveals the latest Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) innovations-all designed to empower employees to create relevant customer experiences and improve the way customers interact with your brand. Learn about the impactful, new capabilities in this latest release, including unified, connected subscription management; in-game advertising measurement; real-time behavioral personalization; next-generation content management; and modern, conversational knowledge management. Then, hear how Aon enables their sales, marketing, and service teams to deliver relevant, meaningful customer experiences at every interaction.

Highlights from Oracle Live: Advertising and CX Innovations

Highlights (5:21)

Get a quick overview of the latest Oracle Advertising and CX quarterly innovation update. Learn how Oracle is investing in purpose-built AI to enable organizations to develop amazing customer experiences.

Innovation Deep Dives

Oracle Sales: Next-gen innovations for the full customer lifecycle (11:00)

Check out Oracle’s latest sales enhancements, including insights for leads, opportunities, accounts, and subscription management.

Katrina Gosek, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Sales
Michelle Brusyo, Director, Product Management, Oracle
Jeri Kelley, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Oracle Service: Advancements to simplify the human side of service (14:26)

Take a detailed look at new innovations in Oracle Service, including knowledge capture, content creation and management across all channels, and asynchronous messaging throughout the service organization.

Jeff Wartgow, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Service
Jodie Knox, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
John Ranalli, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Marketing: Real-time customer experience innovations (13:22)

See how marketing advancements—such as real-time customer experiences, predictive scoring for B2B accounts, predictive outcomes for B2C, personalization, and content management—can impact your top line.

Holly Simmons, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Marketing
Priya Shah, Co-founder, Sauce Video, Oracle

Oracle Advertising: Breakthroughs for in-game measurement (6:26)

Learn about Oracle’s latest advertising innovations such as in-game advertising measurement and data enrichment.

Derek Wise, Chief Product Officer, Oracle Advertising

Real-life success story

Empowering sales teams to improve customer experiences at Aon (8:36)

Aon CIO Teffani Zadeh shares how Oracle Advertising and CX aligns customer interactions across sales teams and provides data to empower executive decisions. Hear how Aon is adopting new innovations, especially in marketing and campaigns.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Teffani Zadeh, CIO, Growth Enablement and North America IT, Aon

Innovation Demos

New capabilities for content authoring, publishing, and delivery (4:11)

This step-by-step demonstration shows how to create a new content article, schedule it for future publishing, and manage its metadata. See how new wizards and an intuitive interface make it easy to embed rich content and media into workflows.

Intelligent marketing capabilities to personalize interactions (3:39)

Check out how easily marketers can configure AI to adapt to real-time customer behavior. In this demo, you’ll see how to build a specific response email that incorporates highly relevant customer offers using intelligent product recommendation.

An intelligently guided customer experience (3:12)

Follow a customer’s journey all the way from responding to an ad to interacting with a conversational digital assistant to finally engaging the sales team. See how customer data informs a relevant, attractive subscription offer.

Deliver proactive field service that delights (2:18)

Align customer and employee experiences. This demo shows how you can monitor IoT-enabled solutions and intelligently route field service teams, all while enabling techs with tools and knowledge to be efficient and effective.

Oracle's vision is to support customers through the entire sales journey—from discovery to order, success, and renewal. It does this by using back-office, customer, and real-time data to generate ideal sales plans, to understand and engage the customer, and to guide sellers with recommendations. It has a solid vision grounded in data and AI and an aligned roadmap designed to automate data management and sales processes and provide hyperpersonalized, role-based experiences.

Forrester Wave(tm): Sales Force Automation Solutions, Q2 2021

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