Oracle HCM Communicate

Go beyond engagement, and build a better employee experience. Create communications that shape your culture and drive behaviors that matter to your organization.

Learn how Oracle HCM Communicate enables you to create, send, and track multitouch communications.

Personalize communication with new adoption accelerators.

Oracle HCM Communicate features

Unified employee engagement

Reach workers across the organization without relying on other teams or risking confidentiality with third-party solutions.

Flexible audience builder

Execute email communications from a comprehensive dashboard that gives HR the ability to deliver relevant messages to specific groups.

Personalized messaging

Send targeted communications based on employee attributes such as tenure or seniority, and talk to your workforce, human to human.

HTML email builder

Create dynamic, media-rich communications that drive behaviors and outcomes that matter to your organization.

Campaign communication tool

Send automated emails tailored to a specific audience or personalized based on a particular response.

Preloaded email templates

Leverage email templates to guide and support employees through cross-organizational initiatives, such as return to office plans or annual compensation review.

Employee engagement metrics

Track who is reading, responding to, and acting on communications directly from the management user interface.

Workforce data

Use embedded HCM data to identify groups that need to take action, and drive overall response rates with targeted follow-ups.

Ready-to-use insights

Analyze responses in real time, and make better business decisions with full insight into how employees engage with your messaging.

Part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform

Key benefits of HCM Communicate

  • Build a better employee experience

    Deliver personalized communications that can influence change, improve morale, enhance company loyalty, and promote a healthier workplace culture.

    Blog: Go beyond engagement and build a better experience

  • Infuse company culture into every engagement

    Make it simple for anyone to create media-rich emails that are consistent with your brand.

  • Harness the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

    Securely reach workers across your organization with a solution built directly into Oracle Cloud HCM.

    Work Made Human: Oracle Cloud HCM (PDF)

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