Oracle Touchpoints

Employees want to feel heard and valued every day. Oracle Touchpoints provides a continuous listening and action channel between employees and managers that creates meaningful interactions to build trust, boost retention, and foster growth.

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Oracle Touchpoints features

Quick pulse employee surveys

Encourage employees to share their needs and thoughts through regular quick pulse surveys.

Individual and team pulse

Capture and view aggregate results for individual and team responses.

In-the-moment sentiment

Give employees and managers the ability to initiate conversations and share sentiment to immediately address concerns.

Regular check-ins

Empower employees and managers to schedule frequent one-on-ones to review various topics such as goal progress or needs.

Team engagement metrics

Provide managers with real-time insights into their team’s pulse trend and how it compares to the organization.

Individual pulse trends

Equip managers with a timeline of each employee’s sentiment and interactions to understand changes in engagement scores.

Personal sentiment trends

Give employees a view of their own engagement activity, including pulse trend, interactions, and completed surveys.

Employee check-in organizer

Help employees and managers maintain a regular check-in cadence with a single place to schedule and view past and upcoming check-ins.

Saved discussion topics

Structure check-ins using custom and recommended discussion topics to drive more-impactful conversations and actions.


Recognize employees with messages from managers that highlight important moments, such as a contribution or milestone.


Provide direct links to recommended engagement actions based on interactions, such as giving feedback, and employee data.

Improve engagement with new adoption accelerators.

Key benefits of Touchpoints

Strengthen the employee-manager relationship

Help managers confidently take the right steps to build trust with their team by connecting sentiment with actions.

Give employees an active role in sharing and acting on sentiment

Provide workers with one place to review their pulse trend, take suggested actions, and schedule manager check-ins.

Foster a proactive culture for better productivity and engagement

Encourage continuous, impactful conversations through ongoing check-ins with custom or recommended discussion topics.

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