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Deliver quick, consistent, and intelligent HR services to every employee. Oracle HR Help Desk is a scalable and unified service request and case management solution that makes it easy for employees to find answers without the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.

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Part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform

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HR service delivery

Multichannel HR inquiries

Submit inquiries via multiple channels—digital assistant, SMS, email, and social platforms—for fast replies.

HR service request assignment

Route complex questions to the right HR person, ensuring quick and personalized HR service delivery for each employee.

Tailored workflows for automatic routing

Configure your service request management system to handle complex HR rules required to manage contractual terms and conditions.

Service request linking

Connect multiple service requests to a single case to expedite the resolution of a systemic issue and apply consistent actions across all associated requests.

Comprehensive case management

Manage complex employee relations cases with multiple process steps, long-term tracking, correspondence, documentation, and best practice action plans.

Contextual collaboration

Enable collaboration within each case via conversations and document sharing among stakeholders.

A streamlined experience

Empower employees with a single place to find immediate answers, submit service requests for additional support, and track the progress of requests.

Personalized guidance

Provide employees with personalized workflow guidance for sensitive employee relations issues using Oracle Journeys.

An intuitive knowledgebase

Give workers access to a knowledgebase to resolve routine inquiries.

Service request tracking

Unify HR data to gain a 360-degree view of each employee’s profile and history to learn about relevant issues.

Trend analysis

Clearly identify which types of service requests, cases, and inquiries are trending, enabling you to proactively resolve broader issues.

Embedded business intelligence

Leverage embedded Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence to measure the effectiveness of service requests.

Secured employee information

Leverage a solution that keeps highly sensitive employee data private and protected from outside threats.

Native integration

Provide a complete HR service delivery solution that’s unified with HCM, removing the need for third-party integrations.

Real-time data

Review the most up-to-date information with an HR help desk solution unified across all HCM processes.

Key benefits of Oracle HR Help Desk

  • Scale HR service delivery while reducing costs and complexity

    Support your entire workforce with a unified platform for service requests, case management, and core HR.

  • Resolve trending employee issues

    Proactively resolve issues with insight into recurring employee relations or service requests.

  • Provide a personalized employee experience

    Offer a simplified, personalized experience with a unified HCM solution that supports every employee’s unique needs.

    Video: See how Oracle ME delivers employee experiences to bring out the best in every person (12:25)

  • Deliver faster, more consistent responses

    Automate replies, link multiple service requests, and route complex inquiries to the right HR person for quick and personalized responses.

  • Support data privacy within HR requests

    Protect sensitive data with a help desk that’s fully managed by HR and uses the same single security model used across all Oracle Cloud products.

Baylor University Unifies HR and Finance with Oracle

Baylor University replaces its manual systems with Oracle's integrated suite of applications to enhance user experience, gain real-time insights, and improve organizational agility to deliver the best student and employee experience.

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