Oracle Performance Management Datasheet

Key features

  • Configurable process flows and content to match your business needs
  • Anytime feedback allows you to give recognition or send real time feedback to anyone at my time
  • Check-ins enable employees and managers to have 1:1 ongoing discussions on goals or any freeform/ad hoc topics
  • Seamless integration with Workforce Compensation supports a robust performance and rewards culture
  • Executive view into performance task completion, rating distribution, manager ratings and performance details
  • Thoughtful user experience provides helpful supporting information for evaluating competencies and goals

Key benefits

  • Use just-in-time feedback to provide and receive recognition and coaching
  • Get a rounded picture of your employees with inputs from multiple sources
  • Build a culture of discussion with a focus on development and coaching
  • Connect performance to rewards
  • Get insight to how the organization is tracking for performance tasks and rating distribution
  • Flexible, configurable template driven setup

An integral part of Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management, Oracle Performance Management fully automates the performance process and provides executives, managers, and employees with valuable and immediate insight to workforce performance progression and alignment with organizational objectives. Performance management is designed to support various performance conversations, from day-to-day informal, spontaneous ongoing feedback to more structured semiannual or annual reviews. Organizations can configure the performance process to match their business practice.

Flexible, Configurable Perfomance Evaluations

Organizations conduct their performance processes in a variety of ways, but many are locked into rigid processes that are difficult or impossible to change. Having a flexible performance system that supports different processes is critical. Depending on your business unit, you may want to conduct annual evaluations, project evaluations, or use performance improvement plans. Performance Management provides you with a flexible, configurable template-driven setup that you can mold to fit the performance processes of your organization without giving up control. This also includes a capability to configure custom rules to calculate ratings.

Supporting the Evolution of Performance Management

As above, the system can be configured to support a multitude of varied performance management methodologies, such as traditional mid-year and year-end evaluations, or the growing trend of more frequent quarterly or monthly checkpoints, or a mix. You can decide to use ratings, not use ratings at all, or use more qualitative categories to assess your employees. Our feedback & Check-Ins features described below also support a culture of ongoing dialogue and coaching throughout the year. Performance Management is seamlessly integrated with Workforce Compensation to support the link between achievement and reward.

Anytime Feedback

Anytime feedback enables employees and managers to provide positive or developmental feedback to anyone in the organization at any time, using any device. When providing feedback, the user can set the visibility option to share the feedback publicly with everyone, share with the employee and manager, share with the manager only, or to maintain private notes for just the user herself. Notes and feedback can be accessed within the performance evaluation or anywhere in the system that you see the employee’s name. Feedback (Notes) can also be used in the context of a performance goal or development goal. You can provide feedback specific to a goal, or take notes about that goal such as progress that has been made.


Check-Ins enable employees and managers to have simple and quick,1-on-1 discussions using any device i.e. desktop, tablet or smartphone. They can be initiated by employee or manager at any time to record for quarterly, monthly, or weekly conversations. Pre-seeded questions for discussion later can also be added, users can also add goals or freeform topics at any time, to focus the discussion on specific things that employees are working on.

Multi-rater feedback, Questionnaires, Matrix Management

The ability to gather multi-rater feedback during the performance process enhances and enriches the final evaluation. Performance Management also allows participants to rate and provide comments on the employee’s competencies and goals, and organizations can define configurable questionnaires to distribute to subordinates, peers, and customers in the organization to request feedback. You can select participants and track their responses, and the responses can be configured as fully visible to the employee, visible but anonymous, or hidden from the employee and visible only to the manager. The questionnaire can also be used as a feedback conduit between the manager and employee to share additional information outside rated competencies and goals, such as gathering the employee’s career aspirations. The system may also be configured to include matrix managers as part of the evaluation process. The matrix managers can be auto-populated, and these managers will have performance document visibility similar to the line manager. These features allow for a more rounded, full picture of employee performance to be recorded and communicated and can be tailored to fit your organization’s performance culture.

Multi-rater feedback, Questionnaires, Matrix Management

In traditional HR systems, managers and executives have little insight into how performance ratings are distributed, without generating paper reports or Excel graphs. Performance Management delivers real-time embedded business intelligence providing deep and meaningful insight into the performance process. Configurable graphs let you view data in a variety of ways. For example, you can define specific targets and instantly see how your organization is performing. Through filters, you can quickly change parameters to hone in on different areas of interest. Management can take any corrective action required, and better manage the performance process.

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