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Construction Solutions for Owners

Owners deserve assurance about the success of their capital programs. Align project prioritization with organizational goals. Access timely cost, schedule, and risk information at the project, program, and portfolio levels, to enable proactive action—keeping your projects on track. Ensure a full project record to maintain your built asset throughout its operational life.

See how Oracle helps owners maximize their capital budgets.

The University of Connecticut speeds funding change management by more than 90%
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina develops budgets in minutes, instead of close to a month
Landmark Properties develops reporting 3 to 4 times faster and develops look-aheads in just minutes

Take control of capital programs and construction projects

Manage funding and governance in Education

Educational institutions have complex needs. Juggling multiple funding sources, specific board-level deadlines, and inflexible project schedules to meet educational requirements takes robust functionality, system flexibility, and interoperability with existing systems.

Explore capital program management for Education
See the University of Connecticut’s results

Ensure compliance and privacy for Healthcare

The highly technical and tight tolerance specifications of healthcare facilities—from hospitals to research and medical centers—require tight coordination, visibility, and stringently managed processes. As technology advances, the full project record ensures efficient maintenance and advancement of healthcare facilities.

Explore capital program management for Healthcare

Effectively manage Hospitality’s biggest assets: properties

Spend time and money on what’s most important to you: your customers’ loyalty. Gain better control over costs, schedule, and risk so you can prioritize the right projects, be assured of having that new property open for wedding season, and the new conference center remodel complete in time to meet your commitments.

Explore capital program management for Hospitality
Read our Hospitality capital program blog

Increase control and efficiency on your plant infrastructure investments

Manufacturing facilities can be just as critical to your operations as the tools and processes used within them. Digitize and automate your capital program management planning, cost, schedule, scope, and risk processes to ensure you’re prioritizing the right projects and improving assurance over successful project execution and ongoing operations.

Explore solutions for Manufacturing
View the webinar on benefits for Manufacturing

Manage Retail’s physical spaces with more agility

Flexibility can be a competitive necessity to meet changing consumer expectations. Multimodal buildings are likely to become the norm since stores don’t have to be built with traditional fixed checkout counters. This is thanks to technologies such as mobile point-of-sale solutions, and because changing fulfillment options such as curbside pickup are influencing store design.

Explore Retail capital program management
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“We work better with Oracle’s Primavera solutions. We gained efficiency and improved project control.”

Arnaud Gerber

Project Management Information Systems Manager, Assystem

Manage all capital programs for the Energy and Resources sector

Benefits to the companies and the public they serve

Meet the safety and compliance needs of Mining

Due to the high-risk, unpredictable nature of mining, the industry demands flexible, proven systems to manage complexity, provide visibility, and enable critical safety and risk information to be captured and addressed proactively.

Explore capital program management for Mining
Rio Tinto reduces staff overlap by 65%

Meet regulatory requirements and ensure timely project execution for Oil and Gas projects

Keeping costs down and adhering to schedules are crucial when providing critical resources while competing with renewables. Leading global oil and gas companies are saving time and improving accuracy on key activities including shutdown turnarounds, proposal/premise reviews, and change management.

Explore capital program management for Oil and Gas
Gain control and assurance over STO

Consistent delivery of critical services to Utilities customers

Since utilities companies must keep the lights on, unplanned service interruptions can be matters of life or death. By implementing proven, secure solutions, leading utilities companies around the world are increasing assurance for themselves and their customers.

Explore capital program management for Utilities
Ameren speeds project evaluation

Leading oil and gas companies speed shutdown turnaround and outage events by improving control over processes

Janet Poses, Oracle Construction and Engineering

Shutdown, turnaround, and outage events (STOs) are as critical as they are expensive. The tools, labor, and lost revenue associated with STOs make planning, control, and predictability imperative.

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Five steps to get started on the path to rapidly increasing the return on your capital expenditures.

Explore how effective capital program management can help you meet organizational goals

Primavera Unifier Essentials gets you up and running quickly with 55+ prebuilt guided business processes and 200+ dashboards, layouts and reports.