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Trending Questions

Clinical One—Tomorrow's Clinical Trials, Today

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One unifies people, process, and data to simplify clinical trials and provide the new capabilities that are needed for the trial of today and in the future.

Field Perspective

Navigating the Changing Clinical Trial Landscape

The only way to map a course to a better future is to understand the current landscape and what perpetuates the status quo. Insights gathered from research into clinical trials reveal the challenges and priorities that will shape the journey to the future of clinical research.

"I really wanted to hone my understanding of the issues and barriers preventing clinical research from being more efficient and effective. To do this, I needed to get out in the field." —Kathy Vandebelt, Global Head of Innovation, Oracle Health Sciences

Solutions Supporting the Entire Clinical Development Lifecycle

Oracle Health Sciences helps you get therapies to market faster and detect risks earlier. Oracle offers a complete set of clinical and safety solutions that support critical processes throughout the clinical development lifecycle—from study design and startup to conduct, close-out, and post-marketing.

Business Challenge

As technology continues to evolve, are you changing the way you think about clinical trial management?


Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One cloud environment changes the way clinical research is done—accelerating all stages of the drug development lifecycle by eliminating redundancies, creating process efficiencies, and allowing the sharing of information across functions.

Business Challenge

How can you enrich your clinical data and make better use of it?


Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench helps you make critical decisions fast with real-time access to complete and trustworthy trial data.

Business Challenge

What if there was an effective way to acquire and aggregate clinical trial eSource data for review and analysis?


Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service enables real-time data acquisition from digital tools such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring devices, wearable technology, secure messaging, and mobile apps, delivering data directly to multiple targets all within one reusable, scalable platform.

Business Challenge

Can you leverage artificial intelligence to automate your safety case and signal management?


Oracle Argus Safety Cloud Service automates business processes and workflows using artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and productivity.

Business Challenge

How can you drive greater compliance and data insight while also reducing costs?


Oracle Argus Safety Cloud Service provides an integrated suite of market-leading safety-case management and safety-signal management solutions, enabling unified multivigilance.


Life Sciences Products

  • Portfolio Planning

      Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial Plan and Source Cloud Service helps you plan, forecast, and outsource clinical projects quickly and accurately—saving you time and money.

    • Portfolio planning
  • Randomization and Supplies Management

      Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Randomization and Supplies Management is the first—and only—RTSM solution that gives users control and reduces study-build times from weeks to days.

    • Randomization and supplies management
  • Data Capture

      Oracle Health Sciences InForm reduces trial timelines, costs, and risks via advanced EDC and query management, real-time data visibility, and standards-based, integrated workflows.

    • Data capture
  • Data Management

      Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench provides the information you need to identify and respond to trial issues early and fast.

    • Data management
  • Safety Case Management

      Oracle Argus Cloud Service is the market-leading solution for processing, analyzing, and reporting adverse event cases originating in pre- and post-market drugs, biologics, vaccines, and devices. It is fully compliant with the European Medicines Agency’s enhanced EudraVigilance system.

    • Safety case management
Life Sciences Featured Products

Reimagining Drug Development

Clinical Trial Challenges

Oracle Health Sciences executives describe the complex process of evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new drug and how advanced technology supports the collection, analysis, and reporting of trial data required to bring the drug to market.


Life Sciences Resources

The AI Revolution in Multivigilance
Business Brief

The AI Revolution in Multivigilance

Taming the Deluge: How Automation and Real-Time Data Access Will Reshape Clinical Trials

Taming the Deluge: How Automation and Real-Time Data Access Will Reshape Clinical Trials

Study Startup is Key to Operational Success

Study Startup is Key to Operational Success

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Life Sciences Customer Stories

Oyster Point Pharma logo

Oyster Point Uses Clinical One to Save Trial Time, Cost, and Resources


Oyster Point Pharma

The trials were successful…we will be using the platform again. Since we had such success the first time, why change it?
Kristen Striffler, Associate Director, Clinical Development, Oyster Point Pharma
Pfizer logo

Oracle Health Sciences Helps Pfizer Define the Future of Data Management with Data Management Workbench and InForm



The greatest benefit of using InForm and DMW is that the systems were made for each other. From a metadata perspective, they work together.
Ralph Russo, Senior Director, Database Management, Pfizer
Rho logo

Oracle Siebel CTMS Helps Rho to Mine Data, Remove Excel Trackers, and More



Our top benefit with Oracle CTMS is related to trip reports. What we have seen since we have rolled it out is that our CRAs have a much more efficient turnaround time in being able to write their trip reports. So that’s a huge efficiency that we can see.
Nick Poulson, Sr. Project Manager, Rho
Pfizer logo

Pfizer Deems Oracle Health Sciences’ Connected Environment as a Significant Differentiator in Clinical Data Management



Another big point is the ability to incorporate the third party data through the same interface. One of the top features of DMW is you now have an interface that marries up with what you’re collecting in the EDC.
Demetris Zambas, Global Head of Data Monitoring and Management, Pfizer

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