Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server Roadmap

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) empowers your organization with best-in-class, modern analytics in the cloud. With machine learning–powered self-service analytics, data preparation, discovery, and visualization; intelligent enterprise reporting combined with augmented analysis; and natural language processing/generation, you can turn data into insights no matter your role—business analyst, data engineer, citizen data scientist, departmental manager, domain expert, or executive.

If you need insights in other environments, Oracle Analytics Server is available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace so you can run it on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and it’s available on-premises. It's updated approximately annually to include features delivered in Oracle Analytics Cloud. Note that any timing is estimated and based on the calendar year.

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    • Delivered

      To see a running list of recently delivered capabilities, check the What’s New guide in the Oracle Help Center.

      The documentation in the Help Center also offers helpful tutorials on a wide range of topics and more than 30 videos to help you get going quickly with Oracle Analytics. You can let us know your questions, comments, and even suggest new product ideas in the Oracle Analytics Community.

    • Data connectivity, modeling, and prep

      H2 CY2023

      • 1. Share data flows
        Provides ability to share data flows and sequences between users. This capability works similarly to how users currently share datasets and workbooks.

      • 2. Create direct connections to Oracle Analytics views
        Allows users to create a self-service connection to Oracle Analytics views for the creation of datasets.

      • 3. Oracle Analytics Publisher support for Snowflake databases
        Oracle Analytics Publisher allows you to create pixel-perfect reports using Snowflake as a data source.

      H1 CY2024

      • 1. Preview: connectivity with OCI Data Flow Interactive
        Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Flow is a fully managed Apache Spark service to perform processing tasks on extremely large data sets without the infrastructure to deploy or manage. Business analysts and data scientists can use OCI Data Flow Interactive SQL to analyze both structured and unstructured data in OCI Object Storage with high performance and scalability.

      • 2. Preview: support for OAuth authentication for REST API data set connections
        Use OAuth2 authentication to connect to data sources with REST endpoints.

    • Exploring, dashboarding, and storytelling

      H2 CY2023

      • 1. Customizable consumer navigation—top tabs
        With this feature, authors have a new top tabs presentation style for curating the consumer navigation experience. Authors can choose this style from the presentation property panel.

      • 2. Preview: export to Excel
        You can already export data to CSV, and this update goes a step further by enabling you to download data directly in Microsoft Excel format, saving time and effort.

      • 3. Scatter chart enhancements
        Provide scatter point options to control outline and transparency. Includes the ability to add line to connect points of the same category.

      • 4. Personalized consumer dashboard states in workbooks
        This update means OAC maintains the state of dashboards per consumer, including filter settings.

      • 5. Include spark charts in tile visualizations
        Easily configure spark charts in tile visualizations using a new grammar panel for workbooks.

      H1 CY2024

      • 1. Key metrics semantics
        Identify metadata about key metrics, for example, showing which measures are important in your KPI and what other measures are related to them. It will be visible first in workbooks.

      • 2. Consumer watchlists
        This capability allows consumers to create their own watchlists from dashboards and Ask.

    • Augmented analytics and machine learning

      H2 CY2023

      • 1. OCI Language custom model support
        This update introduces integration with OCI Language custom models.

    • Performance, compliance, and administration

      H2 CY2023

      • 1. Feature-level permissions
        Admins can set fine-grained permissions for specific actions, for example, export. A user might be able to create workbooks but not data sets, for example.

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