HIPAA 평가 리전 및 서비스

다음은 미국의 의료보험의 양도 및 책임에 관한 법률(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, HIPAA. 개정법 포함)에 규정되어 있는 보안, 개인정보 유출시 통보, 개인정보 보호 규칙 관련 요건의 충족 여부를 HIPAA 행정 간소화용 규정(HIPAA Administrative Simplification Regulation Text 45 CFR Part 164)의 Subpart—보호대상 전자 보건정보 보호를 위한 보안기준, Subpart—보안되지 않은 보호대상 보건정보 유출시 통보, Subpart—개인 식별 가능 보건정보의 개인정보 보호(개정법 포함) 등에 명시된 기준을 따라 독립 평가사들에 의해 평가받은 Oracle 리전 및 서비스 목록입니다. 아래 정보에는 Oracle Cloud의 Infrastructure as a Services 및 Platform as a Service 솔루션 내에서 평가된 모든 지역 및 모든 서비스가 나열되어 있습니다.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions

Australia East, Sydney, Australia
Australia Southeast, Melbourne, Australia
Brazil East, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Southeast, Vinhedo, Brazil
Canada Southeast, Montreal, Canada
Canada Southeast, Toronto, Canada
Chile Central, Santiago, Chile
France Central, Paris, France
France South, Marseille, France
Germany Central, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany
India South, Hyderabad, India
India West, Mumbai, India
Israel Central, Jerusalem, Israel
Italy Northwest, Milan, Italy
Japan Central, Osaka, Japan
Japan East, Tokyo, Japan
Mexico Central, Querétaro, Mexico

Mexico Northeast, Monterrey, Mexico
Netherlands Northwest, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oracle Sovereign Cloud, Frankfurt, Germany
Oracle Sovereign Cloud, Madrid, Spain
Saudi Arabia West, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Serbia Central, Jovanovac, Serbia
Singapore, Singapore
South Africa Central, Johannesburg, South Africa
South Korea Central, Seoul, Republic of Korea
South Korea North, Chuncheon, Republic of Korea
Spain Central, Madrid
Sweden Central, Stockholm, Sweden
Switzerland North, Zurich, Switzerland
United Arab Emirates East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Central, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Government South, London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom Government West, Newport, United Kingdom

United Kingdom South, London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom West, Cardiff, United Kingdom
United States Department of Defense East, Ashburn, Virginia, United States
United States Department of Defense West, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
United States Department of Defense North, Chicago, Illinois, United States
United States East, Ashburn, Virginia, United States
United States Government East, Ashburn, Virginia, United States
United States Government West, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
United States, Midwest, Chicago, United States
United States West, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
United States West, San Jose, California, United States

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

Access Governance
Account Tracking and Automation Tool
Accounts Management
Analytics Cloud
Anomaly Detection
API Gateway
Application Dependency Management
Application Performance Monitoring
Archive Storage
Artifact Registry
Autonomous Database on Cloud at Customer
Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure
Autonomous Database on Shared Exadata Infrastructure
Bare Metal and Virtual Machine Database Systems
Big Data
Block Volume
Blockchain Platform
Classic Migration
Cloud Advisor
Cloud Guard
Cloud Incident Service
Cloud Shell
Console Announcements
Container Engine for Kubernetes
Container Instances
Content Management
Customer Feedback Service
Data Catalog
Data Flow
Data Integration
Data Labeling
Data Safe
Data Science
Data Transfer
Database Management
Database Migration

Database Tools
DDoS Protection
Desktop as a Service
DevOps – Build Service
DevOps – Deployment Pipelines
DevOps – Project Service
DevOps – Source Code Management
Digital Assistant
Digital Media
Document Understanding
Domain Name System
Email Delivery
Exadata Cloud at Customer
Exadata Cloud Service
File Storage
Full Stack Disaster Recovery
Fusions Analytics Warehouse
Fusion Apps as Service
Golden Gate
Health Checks
Identity and Access Management
Java Management
License Manager
Load Balancer
Logging Analytics
Management Agent
Marketplace – Consumer
MySQL Database
Netsuite Analytics Warehouse
NetSuite Health Check
Network Firewall
Network Load Balancer
Network Path Analyzer

NoSQL Database
Object Storage
Operations Insight
Operator Access Control
Operator Insights
Oracle Cloud Migrations
Oracle Database Service for Azure
Oracle Ksplice
Oracle Managed Access
Oracle Open Data
OS Management
Recovery Database Service
Resource Manager
Roving Edge Infrastructure
Search Service with OpenSearch
Security Zones
Serverless Kubernetes
Service Connector Hub
Service Manager Proxy Service
Service Mesh
Site-to Site VPN
Stack Monitoring
Threat Intelligence
Visual Builder Cloud
Visual Builder Studio
VMWare Solution
Vulnerability Scanning
Web Application Acceleration
Web Application Firewall