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OUTFRONT Media expands data analysis with Oracle Cloud

The New York-based outdoor media company uses Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics, incorporating third-party data faster in order to advise customers on where to spend their ad dollars most effectively.

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See how Oracle Autonomous Database can help grow your business.

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Out-of-home ads deliver results

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising—not just on conventional roadside billboards, but also on digital screens, street furniture, various forms of public transportation, and other platforms—remains a vital component of companies’ ad mix. In the US, much of that advertising is powered by OUTFRONT Media, which operates more than 500,000 digital and static billboards seen by more than 70 percent of Americans every day.

Some 90 percent of people recall seeing an OOH ad, 25 percent have shared an OOH ad on social media, and 74 percent who have visited a store after seeing such an ad make a purchase, according to OUTFRONT research.

By analyzing third-party data, OUTFRONT is advising customers on the ideal mix of OOH advertising.

Because Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is self-tuning, self-patching, and self-securing, tech staffers no longer must spend 25 percent of their time on administrative tasks, freeing them to work on higher-value data modeling.

Oracle helps us achieve maximum results for our customers, which in turn grows our business.
Derek Hayden, Senior Vice President of Data Strategy and Analytics, OUTFRONT Media

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Strategic insights lead to sales growth

OUTFRONT Media, one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in North America, analyzes third-party media spend along with transactional sales data to give customers a clearer picture of how their ad spending is performing with target audiences in all media markets and channels. But loading all of that third-party data—about a terabyte—for sales and marketing reporting purposes previously took the company two to three weeks.

OUTFRONT turned to Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics to speed the process and expand the insights. Today, in just minutes, the company can load and merge terabytes of data and securely publish interactive dashboards for its salesforce. The salesforce can now share a comprehensive view of customers’ ad spending—across outdoor, online, TV, radio, and print channels—to show them how their investment would perform better by shifting spend to outdoor.

Oracle Cloud 포트폴리오

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics

The cloud-based Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse requires OUTFRONT to pay only for the capacity it uses, so it costs less than on-premise and other subscription database cloud solutions, while delivering more robust performance.

We realized that we had to change our data platform to something more robust.

Derek Hayden, Senior Vice President of Data Strategy and Analytics, OUTFRONT Media