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Streamline and simplify field service work

At the core of every field service operation are the workers who maintain assets, deliver products, and provide critical services. As the face of your entire customer service organization, these field teams need accurate, real-time guidance and information to perform their jobs in the most efficient manner possible—while being constantly on the move.

With Oracle Field Service’s mobility tools, field technicians and supervisors can access all the information and capabilities needed to get work done through a powerful, browser-based mobile, Android, or iOS application.

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Key benefits of field service mobility

  • Increase field worker productivity by providing reliable access to accurate information for each job
  • Reduce costs by completing more jobs in less time
  • Support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Provide unprecedented levels of visibility and control to field managers/supervisors
  • Enable secure voice and/or video communication between colleagues and management
  • Support employees and contract workers with the same application

Provide access to anyone and everything needed to get the job done right

Oracle’s field service management mobility tools are highly configurable and accessible on any device, enabling you to reduce costly and time-consuming device management tasks with a BYOD strategy. With full offline availability, field workers can complete jobs in areas with poor reception.

Oracle Field Service’s mobility capabilities allow the field to easily communicate, sharing activities, locations, photos, and equipment as needed, minimizing the number of calls into the support/dispatch center. When combined with powerful collaboration tools, such as video chat, knowledge management, or digital assistants, first-time fix rates, field employee morale, and customer satisfaction increase.

When the unexpected happens and same-day changes occur, Oracle Field Service allows mobile employees to accept or decline work assignments, broadcast and respond to broadcasts, and participate in multiuser conferences—all from their mobile devices.

Your field teams can also manage inventory directly from their mobile devices. Oracle Field Service makes it possible to share inventory, search for nearby inventory, and broadcast inventory requests to quickly find the parts needed to complete jobs.

Give field service supervisors the tools they need

Supervisors can view schedules and access resource details with one click.

With Oracle Field Resource Manager, field supervisors can manage their teams from their mobile devices. It provides supervisors with a consolidated view of their team’s work week, full access to team calendars, contact information, employee skill sets, and other critical information with the ability to adjust resource shifts or schedules in real time.

These permission-based features can be configured to suit any field service organization’s requirements.

When the unexpected happens, managers are able to instantly take action and assign any unscheduled work to team members with availability—before appointments are jeopardized or a critical SLA is missed.

Oracle Field Service mobility tools—key features and benefits

  • Work from any device through browser-based, Android, and iOS mobile applications
  • Leverage an intuitive, configurable user interface, including a WSIWYG form editor
  • Easily manage work details including calendars, inventory, and complex workflows from mobile-friendly, intuitive screens
  • Access the service even when a user is offline or in an area with poor reception
  • Easily connect with peers to quickly resolve problems, reducing the need for return trips
  • Enable mobile resources to fully manage trunk stock—order, receive, and return parts—ensuring they the right parts are available
  • Provide real-time updates and enter charges for parts, labor, and expenses on any device, for accurate billing and cost recording
  • Provide a feedback mechanism for customers and field workers

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