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Automatically update travel time with real-time traffic and travel conditions

As field workers move throughout their day, traffic and road conditions can change in a flash, making—or breaking—a promised arrival time. With Oracle Field Service Real-Time Traffic, you can monitor traffic conditions, instantly updating travel routes for your entire mobile workforce. With a more accurate picture of how traffic conditions will impact field service operations, you can act quickly to prevent delays.

Automatically update travel time with real-time traffic and travel conditions
Figure 1: Get your field employees where they need to be—quickly and efficiently— using travel data from your map provider.*

Key benefits

  • Improve customer experience (CX) by helping field teams avoid unnecessary delays
  • Leverage all available traffic data to automatically adjust for unforeseen traffic spikes
  • Seamlessly communicate updates to customers so that everyone is informed and aware about estimated arrival times
  • Access real-time traffic updates when they matter most—when field resources are leaving for their next job

Manage traffic delays in real time

Traffic can severely interrupt even the best field service management plan. Unforeseen traffic spikes, due to weather, events, or accidents, can keep your field employees from getting to a job on time. Field service organizations can positively impact customer experience by setting realistic scheduling expectations and managing those exceptions when delays occur.

Oracle Field Service Real-Time Traffic helps both field supervisors and service coordinators do their jobs, by providing real-time travel updates, allowing them to proactively adjust schedules in stride.

The solution intuitively uses real-time traffic data, taking the available data from map providers,* such as Google or Baidu, and using it to automatically adjust routes and schedules. Updates are applied when they matter most—when field employees finish a job and their next stop is identified and queued up.

In addition efficiently applying real-time traffic updates to routes and schedules, Oracle Field Service also supports a real-time traffic layer within the solution’s map view. This allows field workers, dispatchers, managers, and supervisors to view traffic patterns and congested areas so they can make accurate scheduling decisions to reduce delays.

Key features of Oracle Field Service Real-Time Traffic

  • See real-time traffic patterns in map view
  • Use available data from map providers such as Google and Baidu*
  • Empower field supervisors and service coordinators to proactively adjust work assignments if traffic patterns impact scheduled activities

*Note: Real-time traffic and street-level routing will vary based on the map provider used and availability of data.

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