Ready-to-use-insights for faster and smarter decision-making

Finance and procurement professionals are constantly looking to uncover trends in financial performance. Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics helps accelerate decision-making with prebuilt KPIs and predictive analytics that leverages machine learning. So organizations can focus on what they do best—and maximize business output.

Value of Fusion Analytics

Value of Fusion Analytics (8:29)
Foster data-driven analytics to drive strategic decisions Foster data-driven analytics to drive strategic decisions

Deep insights on a company’s spending can maximize business output. Learn how ERP Analytics can help solve bottlenecks in data integrity and aid in decision making.

Oracle ERP Analytics Demo ERP Analytics Demo

Join us for a free, instructor-led demo with self-guided labs to gain hands-on experience and discover how ERP Analytics is the fastest way to uncover meaningful insights in your data.

ERP Analytics product demos

Prebuilt cloud native solution

Let ERP Analytics handle underlying data complexity so you can concentrate on uncovering insights in your data. Finance leaders need data-driven insights to manage performance and guide the business to better financial results. Discover how ERP Analytics uses packaged analytics to quickly monitor, align, and act on critical financial insights.

Spend analytics to maximize cost savings

Is your organization truly optimizing costs across the business? Learn how Oracle’s spend analytics helps uncover savings, manage risks, and improve supplier relationships by bridging finance and procurement data. Business executives gain improved visibility into company spending patterns and financial processes, maximizing cost savings and working capital.

Supply chain analytics to optimize operational performance

Does your organization have end-to-end visibility into all aspects of the supply chain? Oracle’s SCM Analytics uncovers ways to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and ensure customer satisfaction. Learn how to track and assess supply chain KPIs efficiently and accurately.

Five ways analytics can unify your business

Gain insights into why organizations are frustrated with data silos, and discover key benefits of unified analytics.

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Lower TCO of your analytics investment

Maximize your cloud investment while quickly adapting to any changes in your analytical needs.

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Demo: Boost procurement efficiency with data analytics

Learn how to identify cost savings opportunities while minimizing risk and disruptions to your business.

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TrueBlue makes decisions faster using ERP Analytics

Discover how TrueBlue speeds financial reporting with Oracle Cloud.

Empower Business Users with Self-Service Analytics

Empower business users with self-service analytics

Learn how pre-built analytics can accelerate time to insights and maximize the value of your Oracle Cloud ERP application.

Mobile Demo: Fusion ERP Analytics mobile app

Mobile Demo: ERP Analytics

Discover the convenience of consistent user experience across any user on any device.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

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