From early commercial planning and market analysis through brand launch optimization and lifecycle management, our suite of consultancy services and market insights can help set you up for success in a rapidly changing commercial landscape.

Commercial planning and brand strategy solutions

Bringing new drugs, devices, and therapies to market requires a deep understanding of the market, the competitive landscape, and the needs of multiple stakeholders. The Oracle Life Sciences team can inform and guide your decision-making at every step.

Utilize robust data, extensive experience, and accurate market sizing

Harnessing robust data sources, expert epidemiology, and extensive experience, we offer accurate market sizing support by determining the incidence, prevalence, population distribution, and control of specific diseases.

Explore market sizing and epidemiology
Optimize your portfolio

We help pharmaceutical and biotech companies understand how market dynamics, clinical innovations, and competitive threats may affect their products in the future. Strengthen your pipeline by evaluating gaps, opportunities, and redundancies in your portfolio.

Explore portfolio prioritization
Evaluate commercial potential and licensing candidates

We help identify, qualify, and prioritize potential in- and out- licensing candidates and evaluate their commercial potential.

Explore in- and out- licensing evaluation
Identify new market and landscape opportunities

Our team highlights new opportunities in the market to support your commercial planning and launch campaign strategies. Build powerful marketing strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Explore market understanding and landscape assessments
Assess your product’s commercial potential

We evaluate the commercial potential of your product, assessing demand at all stages of product development to support informed planning, effective resource allocation, and accurate forecasting.

Explore product evaluation, demand assessment, and forecasting
Utilize our proven brand consultative framework

We support the development of new commercial strategies with evidence-based insights, backed by a proven consultative framework built specifically for life sciences.

Explore brand consulting
Tap into extensive physician, patient, and payer insights

Our range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies provide deep insights into what drives your key stakeholders and how to best meet their needs.

Explore physician, patient, and payer insights
Communicate the essence of your brand identity

Our framework, analytics, and insights demonstrate how to communicate the essence of your brand in a compelling way.

Explore brand positioning and messaging
Segmenting markets for success

Our disease experts, industry-leading analytics team, and qualitative thought leaders can help identify the meaningful customer segments within your market—including their size, characteristics, and needs—for effective prioritization, targeting, and communication.

Explore market segmentation
Track and optimize your brand’s performance

Understand how your brand is performing and optimize your strategies to reach its full potential. We can assess how each aspect of your multichannel marketing campaign is performing, enabling you to quickly course-correct and fine-tune your sales and marketing activities.

Explore brand performance tracking

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