Market Sizing and Epidemiology

Identifying and prioritizing opportunities—whether for new product development, indication extension, acquisition, or licensing—demands a clear understanding of market size, informed by reliable epidemiology data. We provide accurate market sizing through expert analysis of the incidence, prevalence, population distribution, and control of a wide range of diseases.

Market sizing and epidemiology features

Finding the right number

When evaluating market size to prioritize drug discovery, the challenge isn’t finding the number—it’s finding the right number, understanding the inherent biases, and identifying the strongest sources of information to support your decisions. By providing comprehensive and reliable epidemiology data, we help you evaluate opportunities and strengthen your pipeline.

Drawing on trusted data sources

Accurate insights

Our team uses dependable data sources such as Oracle Life Sciences Epi Database, Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact, and Oracle EHR Real-World Data, as well as vital medical literature, government databases, and patient surveys. With these resources, we can deliver accurate and holistic insights on the incidence, prevalence, population distribution, and control of diseases.

Epi Database utilization

Epi Database is the gold standard for epidemiological data, covering more than 230 indications in 21 therapeutic areas. Epi Database provides reliable, rigorous research and documentation for the US, the largest European markets, Japan, the BRIC countries, and key emerging countries. An extrapolator tool is available for other markets and, when more granular sub-analysis or projection is called for, our team creates customized solutions to deliver the information you need.

Comprehensive documentation

As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide comprehensive documentation to support every piece of data and each recommendation we supply. This means you can verify our conclusions and defend them to your stakeholders with confidence.

CancerMPact for robust cancer epidemiology

For oncology-specific data, our consulting team is backed by CancerMPact Patient Metrics, one of the industry’s leading sources of epidemiology data in oncology, providing detailed analyses of up to 32 different tumor types across 17 countries.

A diverse team with a proven track record

Our interdisciplinary team has experience with thousands of disease states, collaborating seamlessly to help you navigate clinical and commercial challenges. Our extensive therapeutic acumen, particularly in fields such as oncology and rare disease, is evidenced by more than 2,000 scientific publications, including posters, manuscripts, and abstracts.

Broad commercial applications

Our experts work across diverse disciplines to address a broad range of commercial challenges. We quantify market potential via patient flow models, map additional indications to expand in-line products, identify unmet needs in untapped markets, and assess acquisition and licensing opportunities accurately.

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