Market Understanding and Landscape Assessments

Build powerful marketing strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. We provide in-depth analysis of current treatment patterns and algorithms and how they will evolve to help inform your product positioning.

Market understanding and landscape assessment solutions

Pioneering market landscape analysis

Our interdisciplinary teams of researchers, methodologists, and statisticians undertake primary research to fully understand your market, size new opportunities, and identify potential barriers to adoption. We provide a deep understanding of treatment patterns and algorithms, and how these will evolve in the future, to determine where the opportunities lie and how products are best positioned. This is supported by detailed insight into a market’s size and growth potential; the rational, emotional, and structural dynamics at play; and stakeholders’ drivers, barriers, and unmet needs.

Comprehensive market insights for confident decision-making

Applying advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we integrate primary research with data drawn from Oracle Life Sciences Epi Database, Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact, and Oracle EHR Real-World Data, enriched by medical literature and patient-derived data such as the Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey. As a result, our team can deliver holistic insights based on a comprehensive knowledge of your market.

Research-driven segmentation and targeting

Delve into your stakeholder segments and their distinct needs more fully to inform your marketing strategies and product messaging. As part of our holistic approach, Oracle combines qualitative and qualitative research backed by behavioral science principles to identify patient typologies, and determine priority customer groups for targeting.

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