Market Segmentation

Identify, define, and size stakeholder segments for more effective planning, targeting, and communication. Our disease-area experts, qualitative thought leaders, and industry-leading advanced analytics team can discern the key differences between your customers to unlock brand growth.

Market segmentation solutions

Oracle’s expertise offers informed market segment targeting

For effective commercial planning, you have to understand your stakeholder segments and their distinct needs, determining how each segment will respond to your brand and how to maximize uptake.

We can identify the meaningful customer segments within your market, size and characterize each segment, assess their needs and motivations to determine their receptivity, and help you develop a segmentation strategy for the highest-potential groups.

A holistic approach for more impactful insights

Oracle Life Sciences employs a holistic approach to segmentation, applying quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand stakeholder segments at a granular level that spans behavioral, attitudinal, rational, and emotional dimensions.

By profiling customer groups, we can help you improve your marketing and investment decisions, including product messaging and channel prioritization. Segmentation can inform who you target and at what cadence based on their needs and segment size. This increased clarity around customer targeting can also inform your sales force size and deployment decisions.

Actionable insights with a focus on implementation

Successful segmentation goes beyond identifying and understanding your segments. You must be able to fully integrate that understanding within your organization and your marketing strategies. With user-friendly profiling tools and immersive workshops, we bring your target segments to life and help to embed them into your organization’s sales and marketing processes.

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