Oncology and Rare Disease Consulting

We combine in-depth therapy area expertise, decades of experience, and a range of proprietary reports and databases to provide the understanding and guidance you need in oncology and rare diseases.

Oncology and rare disease consulting solutions

The full oncology consulting experience

Backed by decades of oncology experience, our dedicated team of oncology consultants provide insight, evidence, and advanced analytical capabilities to guide you through all stages of product development. Partner with us for portfolio planning, real-world evidence generation, commercialization, and more.

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Combined expertise in epidemiology and oncology

We combine our expertise in epidemiology and oncology with robust, trusted data sources to help you evaluate market opportunities, prioritize financial resources, and develop forecasting estimates.

Our consulting team is backed by Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Patient Metrics, one of the industry’s leading sources of epidemiology data, providing detailed analyses of up to 32 different tumor types across 17 countries.

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Treatment patterns in oncology

Effective oncology planning requires a clear sense of how patients progress through different treatment settings and how treatments vary based on genetic differences and biomarker status.

To deliver this insight, our oncology consultants’ expertise is complemented by Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Treatment Architecture. This subscription service provides a detailed understanding of the current clinical management of cancer patients, and can be organized by tumor type, segment, disease stage, treatment modalities, and drug therapy use.

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A comprehensive overview of the oncology trial landscape

For a comprehensive overview of the oncology drug and trial landscape, look no further than Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Cancer Landscape, a web-based platform that allows users to review more than 5,000 clinical cancer drugs simultaneously.

We combine multiple data sources so users can assess business development and licensing opportunities, identify novel targets for drug development, compare company pipelines, evaluate new drugs, and gain an understanding of the competitive landscape.

Explore Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Cancer Landscape (PDF)
The latest insights into the future oncology landscape

Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Future Trends and Insights explores potential changes in treatment practices in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. This up-to-date glimpse of the future oncology landscape is based on the evaluation of recently published clinical data, regulatory advances and setbacks, and ongoing clinical trials.

Our expert commentary covers trends, potential positioning strategies, and the likelihood of approval, delivering invaluable insights into the future competitive market and where threats and opportunities may lie.

Explore Oracle Life Sciences CancerMPact Future Trends and Insights (PDF)
Strategic decision-making with oncology market tracking

Our oncology market tracking delivers actionable insights to help you make strategic decisions on positioning and communication for your oncology brands.

A proprietary observational study, our oncology market tracking uses patient record forms designed specifically for oncology, hematology, and rare diseases. Accurately measure and track treatment patterns and market share, treatment sequencing, and patient characteristics, down to specific patient subsegments, for granular insights to support decision-making.

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Support in developing new treatments for rare diseases

Developing a new treatment for a rare disease often means navigating important knowledge gaps, poorly understood natural histories, complex diagnosis pathways, and highly specific regulatory requirements.

Backed by decades of experience and hundreds of engagements, our consultants can help guide you through the development and commercialization of a new treatment for a rare disease.

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