Real-World Qualitative (RWQ)

Qualitatively derived data is increasingly valued by both the pharmaceutical industry and health authorities. Real-world qualitative (RWQ) approaches offer a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ experiences, playing an essential part in establishing the value of your therapies. RWQ complements your existing methodologies and provides an additional layer of comprehension to fuel your strategic decision-making.

Real-world qualitative solutions

Tap into behavioral and social sciences to understand your patients

We offer a deeper understanding of your patients’ attitudes, experiences, perceptions, needs, and priorities, helping you grasp both the “what” and “why.” Since your patients’ decisions are often driven by both rational and emotional factors, we combine methodologies from behavioral and social sciences to help you gain a richer understanding of these drivers. Our approach combines scientific rigor with the humanistic acumen needed to connect with people in authentic ways.

RWQ benefits the entire drug development cycle

Generating granular data to depict intricate patient experiences

With well-supported processes and frameworks, RWQ generates granular data to depict intricate patient experiences with illnesses or medications, while also delving deeper into physicians’ decision-making. Outputs provide valuable guidance for clinical trial design, especially in areas with small sample sizes such as rare diseases. This data can also form an integral part of your submission dossier, complementing key claims and supporting health technology assessment (HTA) decisions. RWQ outputs can be used to develop guidelines, educational materials, and support tools for clinical practice.

Oracle Life Sciences Voices to Trials qualitative methodology

We also employ the Voices to Trials qualitative methodology, conducting extensive discussions with patients and caregivers about specific conditions. This approach ensures that patient voices are included in clinical trial design to optimize trial success.

An experienced team with diverse expertise

Our dedicated qualitative research team draws from extensive knowledge in ethnography, behavior change, cultural immersion, and other fields. Our interdisciplinary cohort of researchers, methodologists, and medical writers undertake primary research, assessing diverse populations on a broad range of topics to inform strategic decision-making. Our in-depth therapeutic acumen, particularly in fields including oncology and rare diseases, is demonstrated by more than 2,000 publications, including manuscripts, posters and abstracts.

Engaging stakeholders for quantitative and qualitative insights

We integrate RWQ with quantitative surveys for physicians, patients, and payers to achieve the most detailed insights. Through this integrated quantitative and qualitative research, we can provide a deeper understanding of who typically diagnoses specific conditions, and what the current standard of care looks like. Integrated insights and evidence help to uncover unmet therapeutic needs and new opportunities to improve health outcomes.

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