SATLOG modernizes fleet management at scale on Oracle Cloud

The fleet management company uses Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to simplify and automate common logistics workflows.


Business challenges

Germany-based SATLOG helps increase the productivity of fleets across a variety of industries with various delivery requirements—inner city, regional, and long distance trucking. The company’s telematics ecosystem includes specialized tablets inside trucks, software as a service, and KPIs for logistics.

Integrating data from multiple systems—the rear and side cameras, turn assistant, and tire pressure system—into a single stream of data was a challenge for the company. It needed near real-time location and telematics data in dashboards. And data security across this entire process is critical.

With business and data volumes growing at rapid rates, the company’s aging on-premises Oracle database infrastructure had increasing maintenance and downtime issues, which impacted development to keep pace with market opportunities.

Why SATLOG chose Oracle

SATLOG chose Oracle’s converged database because it supports mixed workloads and data types in a simple way, reducing complexity and management overhead.

The company turned to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to eliminate complex database administration that helps manage data from mixed sources, such as JSON, geospatial, and relational data, which improved performance and accelerated application development.

SATLOG was able to use the low-code Oracle APEX framework included in Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to easily build  customer dashboards and reporting for route optimization with telematics, and Oracle Spatial to provide accurate customer location, geofencing, track-trace-and-route information such as vehicle location positioning, actual distance and distance targeting, tour planning, and route optimization.


SATLOG moved its telematics solution to the cloud to identify cost reductions and to digitize the fleet. After adopting Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the company reduced operational costs. Oracle Autonomous Database applies machine learning and automation for provisioning, tuning, scaling, patching, and encrypting that reduces costs, time, and risk.

The organization also developed new analytical capabilities in the telematics solutions using Oracle APEX and Oracle Spatial. This helped to measure, compare, and optimize costs for workflows such as order processing, proof of delivery, routes, tour planning, and idle times at customers.


SATLOG turned to various partners for help with the implementation.

HERE Technologies assisted with mapping, routing, and tour planning features.

MEKRAtronics/PRECO Electronics supported turn assistant, driver security, and collision mitigation.

Continental Tire Pressure System CPC helped with driver security.

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