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A platform that addresses the entire analytics workflow

Empower leaders, analysts, and IT to access data from wherever they are, including mobile devices. Oracle Analytics Cloud is embedded with machine learning, which helps organizations to discover unique insights faster with automation and intelligence.

Stay connected with smart mobile analytics

The Oracle Analytics mobile app personalizes content for each employee by learning from their data interests and patterns. This enables intelligent recommendations and real-time alerts based on various triggers. For example, when new data or reports become available, or when a threshold or GPS location is reached. In addition, Oracle Analytics mobile uses natural language processing technology to help employees query data verbally or listen to results of their queries.

Next-generation data intelligence platform for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform is the next generation of Fusion Analytics Warehouse for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. It brings together business data, ready-to-use analytics, and prebuilt AI/ML models to deliver out-of-the-box applications with deeper insights, accelerating the decision-making process into actionable results.

Fusion Analytics products

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform encompasses the current Fusion Analytics family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications that provide line-of-business users with ready-to-use insights that improve decision-making.

March 12, 2024

AI and the Evolution of Self-Service Analytics

James Richardson, Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

Analytics tools have been self-service for decades, but AI is changing what that means and Oracle is building new tools to take advantage of this technology.

Over the past 20 years, analytics tools have become intuitive (and even enjoyable) through data visualizations, data storytelling, and natural language interactions. That’s a great success—using these tools, millions of people explore complex data and gain insights from it every day.

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Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Analytics and BI Platforms

We are thrilled to announce that Oracle received the highest score in the General Analytics Use Case category and was listed in the top three in the Augmented Analytics Use Case category in the 2021 Gartner report Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

Explore the capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Dive into the details to understand how Oracle Analytics improves the entire analytics workflow, from data ingestion to preparation, enrichment, visualization, and collaboration.

To build or buy, that is no longer the question

Oracle Analytics for Oracle Cloud ERP or Oracle Cloud HCM delivers the best of both worlds: all the advantages of a pre-built, cross-functional analytics service, plus the capabilities to extend and customize analytics and machine learning for your environment.

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