Hitachi Consulting transforms global organization with Oracle HCM Cloud

Hitachi Consulting leverages Oracle HCM Cloud to drive efficiencies and gain actionable insight into its enterprise-wide talent base.

Hitachi Consulting is an Oracle Platinum Cloud Elite Partner and is the digital solutions and management consulting business of Hitachi Ltd., a global technology and social innovation organization. Hitachi Consulting aims to be a catalyst for positive business change, propelling organizations to accelerate market disruption and drive digital transformation. Hitachi Consulting helps customers innovate, establish new revenue streams, and respond to global dynamics with insight and agility. It collaborates with customers to create solutions that help maximize operational efficiency and delivers measurable, sustainable business results.

Hitachi Consulting prides itself on positioning its talented people at the heart of its success. After experiencing massive business growth—going from 450 United States-based professionals in 2000 to more than 6,200 global employees across more than 22 countries today, and seeing its revenue catapult from $80 million to $600 million—Hitachi Consulting deployed Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud to understand talent across the organization and improve mobility, which is central to its mission to deliver innovation.


Having the ability to understand talent across the organization and improve mobility is central to our mission to deliver innovation. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud allows us to develop critical talent pools and assess, select, hire, onboard, manage, and reward that talent more effectively.

Sona ManzoVice President of Oracle Solutions – Human Capital Management Cloud, Hitachi Consulting Corporation

Business challenges

  • Improve employee recruitment and human capital management by better understanding talent and employee movement across the organization
  • Empower the management team with global insight and agility to make strategic decisions to support rapid growth
  • Enable the rapidly growing organization to more effectively attract, hire, and retain highly skilled business consulting professionals across the globe
  • Develop critical talent pools and assess, select, hire, and onboard talent more effectively and efficiently
  • Deploy a globally integrated, highly available, easy-to-deploy platform that can scale quickly to support company growth

Managing the complexity of our growth with outdated human resources management systems drove the need for change, resulting in the sunset of our two legacy systems in favor of adopting current best practices using Oracle HCM Cloud.

Sona ManzoVice President of Oracle Solutions – Human Capital Management Cloud, Hitachi Consulting Corporation


  • Replaced multiple legacy systems and fragmented HR processes with Oracle HCM Cloud, gaining a real-time view of worldwide resources and meeting the needs of a diverse global organization through localization and a flexible configuration framework
  • Improved ability to define and implement targeted recruitment marketing campaigns that individual employees can execute using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Saved in sourcing costs in the first year, thanks to an improved ability to track and analyze candidate-lead sources, including social media and job boards, doubling employee referrals from 17% to 35%
  • Automated the onboarding process, integrating new employees more rapidly and setting the stage for early engagement and improved employee retention
  • Provided employees and managers consistent self-service capabilities, including benefits and absence management for a highly mobile workforce
  • Automated global and contingent-worker reporting and reduced the steps necessary to perform global transfers 
  • Eliminated the need for labor-intensive, paper-based processes, avoiding lost referrals, and improved the ability to analyze recruiting effectiveness, resulting in automated recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Enabled users to leverage rich analytics and reporting capabilities across the enterprise
  • Enhanced Hitachi’s journey to Oracle Cloud with Oracle HCM Cloud, in addition to the already-used Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud, ensuring a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective platform that enables Hitachi Consulting to run a more efficient and effective business
Published:April 18, 2018