Suno AI generates beautiful songs with Oracle Cloud

Suno composes quality music and audio with AI foundation models trained on high-performance and scalable OCI Supercluster and AI Infrastructure.


The primary value of partnering with Oracle is we are backed by a provider that can scale for our explosive growth. OCI Supercluster comes with all of the management bells and whistles, whether that’s for users, disks, GPUs, or instances. OCI takes a tremendous amount of worry off the table.

Mikey ShulmanFounder and CEO, Suno AI

There’s a tune in your head, but you’re not a musician or composer? Describe it to Suno and watch latest generative AI technology write the words, fill in the notes, and create a three-minute song to promote your business, delight a loved one, or just have fun. As with all GenAI, creating pop songs requires complex modeling that accurately captures all of the interesting content available for any topic across a dizzying number of data points. Suno chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to store enormous amounts of data in an efficient and elastic way so that it’s readily accessible by OCI Supercluster and AI Infrastructure to train and serve complex song models in an instant. Now, Suno’s customers don’t miss a beat.

Published:March 15, 2024