Tanium delivers flagship SaaS platform with help from Oracle

The cybersecurity leader chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to help smaller and midsize enterprises manage and secure their endpoints.


Adopting Oracle Cloud as a partner gives our customers an industry-leading, security-first approach to endpoint management.

Orion HindawiCofounder and CEO, Tanium

Business challenges

Tanium makes it simple to see and control anything with a chip, and is trusted by the world’s largest and most sophisticated organizations, including nearly half of the Fortune 100 and multiple branches of the US Armed Forces.

During the pandemic, concerns about endpoint security swelled, as secure network access became critical for remote workers. Tanium is working with multiple cloud partners, including Oracle, to make its endpoint management and security products more accessible to midsize companies. Tanium as a Service (TaaS) offers the full functionality of the Tanium platform delivered as a fully managed, cloud-based service, providing comprehensive visibility, control, and intelligence at the edge.

Oracle has been great at working with us on scalability, cost, and security.

Orion HindawiCofounder and CEO, Tanium

Why Tanium Chose Oracle

By using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Tanium gains built-in security, high availability, and proven price-performance. In particular, Tanium valued OCI’s performance at the network edge—anywhere endpoints sit.


Tanium can now reach a broader set of customers to help them efficiently secure their IT environments. “With Oracle, we can expand our customer base to help small enterprises and the midsize take control of their endpoints by offering a competitively priced solution with zero infrastructure,” says Orion Hindawi, Tanium’s cofounder and CEO.

Oracle enables Tanium’s customers to be up and running in minutes and hours versus days or weeks, so they can protect their networks while staying ahead of new, sophisticated threats.

Oracle and Tanium will jointly market and sell solutions to accelerate Tanium’s global expansion. TaaS customers benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's sophisticated AI and ML capabilities to automatically respond to cyberattacks, in concert with Tanium's real-time data, visibility, and control.

Published:May 7, 2021