Meet the Oracle Workstation 8

The Oracle Workstation 8 is the latest addition to the Oracle POS hardware solution family. Featuring a slim, 14-inch touchscreen display and warm platinum finish, the Workstation 8 fuses a modern, sophisticated look with the reliability and dependability Oracle customers trust.

Oracle Workstation 8 technical specifications

With its modular design, restaurant operators can select the solution that best suits their brand standards for staff and customer experience. The low-profile configuration is designed to remove the barrier between staff and guest to facilitate direct eye contact and engagement. The upright configuration includes a vertical stand with a peripheral expansion module and weighted base, which conceals cables exceptionally well, creating a clean, uncluttered setup.

Workstation 8 terminals deliver a sophisticated solution that is built to last with the following features:

Customer display

The Workstation 8 features a suite of optional customer displays for a seamless customer experience at the counter.

Modular design

The Oracle Workstation 8 Series features minimal connectivity in the head unit for use on its own or you can expand peripheral connectivity with the optional Peripheral Expansion Module.

Powerful processor

The Workstation 8 Series has a quad-core, high performance embedded Intel Celeron CPU.


The Workstation 8 Series includes 8GB memory.


The Workstation 8 Series is available with either 128 GB SSD or 256 GB SSD storage.

Fanless cooling

Fanless cooling system reduces the risk of overheating and quietly work to eliminate the circulation of dust, pathogens, grease, and humidity throughout the system.

Shock and vibration resistance

Our systems also have improved shock and vibration resistance, reduced power consumption, and increased overall reliability.

Operating systems

The Workstation 8 Series runs with speed and ease on your choice of Oracle Linux for Restaurants or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems.

Display specifications

A 14-inch widescreen, FHD display featuring on-cell touch technology with antiglare coating.

Heat and moisture resistance

Built to withstand temperatures ranging from 0°C to 50°C.

Upright design

The vertical stand configuration expertly hides cabling for a clean countertop aesthetic.

Thoughtful, modular design

Workstation 8 Series marries form with function, featuring multiple configuration options to accommodate varying customer requirements.

Low profile

The slim, compact design of the low-profile stand allows for a more organic way of transacting, enabling staff to increase engagement with customers.

Upright design

The upright configuration expertly hides cabling for a clean countertop aesthetic, and the wall mount gives operators with very limited space a smart, low-cost option.