Safety One Intake

Oracle Life Sciences Safety One Intake leverages artificial intelligence to make safety case processing faster with better quality and compliance. By automatically extracting relevant information from safety source documents, manual data entry in Oracle Life Sciences Argus can be eliminated, increasing efficiency by up to 90%.

Leverage AI to accelerate case processing while improving quality and compliance.

AI-powered case intake

Intake automation

Safety One Intake automates the intake of safety source documents into Argus, circumventing the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing case processing time.

Cost control

Processing cases with Safety One Intake can cost less than manual data entry, letting you reallocate your human resources to high-value pharmacovigilance activities.

Regulatory compliance

Faster case handling with Safety One Intake can yield better compliance as ICSRs are expedited sooner to health authorities.

Welcome to Safety One Intake

Do you handle thousands of adverse event reports? Learn how Safety One Intake processes safety source documents with AI and machine learning, and see how its intuitive interface allows case intake to be managed quickly and efficiently—leading to faster case processing.

AI Revolution in Multivigilance

Business brief

The AI Revolution in Multivigilance

The life sciences industry is undergoing dynamic changes with advances in science and engineering. And just as new technologies are helping create innovative new medicines, they’re also revolutionizing safety.


Oracle Life Sciences Safety One Intake—the next domino

Technology has revolutionized several industries, causing a domino effect—pharmacovigilance is the next domino. Safety One Intake leverages artificial intelligence to make safety case processing faster with better quality and compliance.

Safety One Intake—Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Bruce Palsulich, vice president of safety at Oracle Life Sciences, discusses how pharmacovigilance teams can manage the ever-growing volume of adverse events with the help of Oracle's AI-powered Safety One Intake.

Safety One Intake significantly improves efficiency and accuracy

An efficiency increase of up to


when combined with Argus automations

Accuracy of


on average in extracting source document data

Sameer Thapar and Michael Braun-Boghos, "Revolutionising Drug Safety: From Data to Decisions," Oracle Health Sciences Connect, London, England, April 25, 2023.

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Safety One platform

Learn how the Safety One platform addresses industry challenges by detecting risks earlier, automating processes, and increasing compliance with unified multivigilance.

Safety innovation timeline

Evolving technologies and pharmaceutical standards have significantly enhanced medicinal product safety in the last few decades, with innovations in data science promising even greater future achievements. Discover key milestones that have improved safety, and learn how Oracle continues to lead the way to next-generation multivigilance.

Oracle safety and pharmacovigilance

Medicinal product safety teams face enormous pressure to control ever-increasing caseloads, new sources of signal detection data, and changing regulations—all with flat budgets and resources. See how Oracle addresses these pharmacovigilance challenges.

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