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Build a new class of cloud

At Oracle Lithuania, you’ll get to develop new features from scratch and use emerging technologies to influence the direction our Generation 2 cloud goes next. Join our team of engineers in Kaunas and help us write the most exciting chapter in cloud history.

Unlock a world of opportunity in the cloud

We’re building a next-generation cloud platform that supports the most demanding mission-critical customer requirements, operating at global scale to provide a secure, distributed, multitenant cloud environment.

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Web Application Firewall Careers

Build a cloud-native, global cybersecurity service that protects applications from malicious bots and unwanted internet traffic.

  • Data plane
    Engineer proactive detection mechanisms, protection engine itself, overcome challenges posed by high load, constantly evolving threats and distributed architecture. Extend and contribute to the OpenResty platform, Nginx and ModSecurity engines using C and Lua languages. Build OCI integrations using Java language. Participate in all the development stages of solution while collaborating with teams across the whole OCI platform.

  • See open roles for Data plane

  • Control plane
    Create cloud-scale APIs for Web Application Firewall using Java, Go, SQL and No-SQL databases, Docker and Kubernetes. Improve user experience by building rich UIs using Typescript, React, Redux. Have an impact by contributing to core OCI services, collaborate with other OCI teams when integrating WAF with various OCI services. All that while focusing on security, scalability, high availability backed by agile processes and CI/CD.

  • See open roles for Control plane

  • DevOps
    Grow & own the entire infrastructure - ensure continuous delivery, spend your time on orchestration & automation, collaborate with different teams and work on a variety of service-critical components all while focusing on security & high-availability. Work on expanding the WAF service as well as the global OCI footprint and ensuring scalability to serve its millions of users.

  • See open roles for DevOps

Roving Edge Infrastructure Careers

Build brand new edge computing services and products that extend Oracle Cloud beyond the data center and bring core features to customer locations on the edge of WAN-and beyond.

Solve problems in distributed systems, virtualized infrastructure, high-performance hardware, security and highly available services.

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Meet your future potential team and learn more about our culture, products, company values and job scope.


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We love what we do

Rimantas Lithuanian Man with beard


"The work is awesome—I mean, we’re building our own cloud, how cool is that?"

Rimantas joined Oracle when we acquired the cloud security startup Zenedge. Two years later, he’s still stoked that he gets to indulge his biggest passion here: cybersecurity.

"I did various cybersecurity-related things and joined several cybersecurity groups while studying—I even got my Master’s in it. Overall, breaking things is much more fun for me than securing things. They both go hand in hand in my role!"

Rimantas is now developing the back end of our Web Application Firewall. "We’re working on creating the engine that checks traffic for both our teams and our customers. This involves building and fine-tuning the engine itself, working on features that help identify malicious patterns, features to detect both good and bad bots, various access-control enforcement roles, dealing with high traffic loads, and moving around large amounts of logs of detected events."



“Oracle has made me a more open-minded engineer.”

Viktorija is a site reliability engineer in London, where she works remotely for our Lithuanian hub.

Having worked at a startup, Viktorija went through an interesting transition, where she discovered the advantages of working in an international technology company with a startup mentality at its core. “The work culture here is structured by our core values, with lots of experience and best practices applied when delivering changes to customers,” she shares.

This marked a big change for Viktorija. “With Oracle, the direction is clear; it helps us as a team to plan changes more thoroughly and deliver competitive products. Our strong engineering culture guides us to make sure that products have up-to-date security patches, and routine training helps everyone in the team get on the same page.”



“Being part of such a big family means the impact and reach of the job you do is enormous.”

Java and Oracle Database: Before Kipras joined our team, that’s all he knew about Oracle. “I didn’t know much about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or even that Oracle was running its own cloud service,” the software engineer admits.

In the two years he’s been with us, Kipras has had the opportunity to explore the world’s leading business software company from the inside out. “It’s by far the largest organization I’ve ever worked in,” he reveals. “Some time ago, I may have thought being just a small wheel didn’t matter very much in the grand scheme of things. But I’ve since realized it’s the complete opposite: This is where you need to be if you want to make your mark on the cloud of tomorrow.”

“I think that working on the cloud is exciting, and working on its core services is even more so,” he continues. “I like that we can innovate with the speed of a startup but stay committed to the greater good in our products and our actions.”


Gytis B

“I get to apply my skills, learn new things, and seize opportunities to grow my career—and myself.”

During college, Gytis had a special interest in natural phenomena and understanding how things worked. “I went from applied physics to theoretical physics to mathematics and engineering, but my main focus was always the same: to solve problems with computers.”

As a senior software engineer, Gytis’ role involves a diverse set of responsibilities which allow him to flex his wide-ranging expertise. “The main focus of my studies was simulations, which translates into high-performing data manipulations,” he explains. “All the problems and solutions in that area can be easily applied to cloud servers as well. My scientific mentality helps me solve problems and investigate issues, and my unique mindset has helped me become a really valued member of the team.”

Gytis finds working from different perspectives extremely rewarding. “From developing software to engineering infrastructure and resolving customer issues, I get to apply my skills and learn new things from all the specialists I work with.”



“There are so many great products to work on and so many talented people to learn from.”

Mantas’ team takes complete ownership of their product. “Our WAF service all gets tested, developed, and implemented here in Lithuania. It’s great to be able to work for Oracle in my home country, and even better in my home city,” he enthuses.

“Oracle is one of the tech giants that’s well-known everywhere, and it’s the only company in Lithuania that’s working on a cloud offering. Many people have to emigrate to other countries for better job opportunities, but with Oracle we have great opportunities right here,” he observes.

On the career side of things, Mantas believes that joining Oracle has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. “Oracle has a defined career path for individual contributors and managers. Plus, the fact that there are so many different services and teams in Oracle Cloud means there’s a lot of room for exploration and career growth,” he notes.


Gytis V

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to train my mind every day as part of my job.”

When Gytis was completing his interviews, one thing that really made him stand out was his logical thinking abilities. As well as being a full-time software engineer, Gytis is also a professional chess player.

“Chess is absolutely related to software development; it helps me a lot. I have no problem concentrating on a task for several hours. It requires a lot of brain training,” Gytis explains. “It’s also similar in terms of needing to anticipate the future—in both cases I have to predict what the impact of my actions will be.”

Gytis finds Oracle’s commitment to his growth inspiring. “Oracle really motivates its employees to gain as much knowledge as possible. There’s so much training available, from Oracle University to LinkedIn Learning. We’re all encouraged to attend conferences,” he continues, “and managers help us aim for personal development goals, on top of skills that directly relate to our work.”


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