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Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy

B2B Cross-Channel Marketing

Best Practices and Technology for B2B Cross-Channel Marketing

B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Courses and Delivery Options 
Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy teaches modern marketing best practices and how to apply them in Oracle Eloqua.  Classes are designed specifically for marketers and provide the skills necessary to succeed. Whether in-person, on demand, or via a live, interactive webcast, you learn your way, on your schedule.
Individual Focus with All Access Education Pass
Individuals gain access to the course catalog with the low cost All Access Education Pass (AAEP). You can choose from instructor led courses or self-paced courses and enjoy exclusive access to industry-recognized accreditation programs. If you are an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer or partner and would like to purchase an All Access Education Pass, talk to your Account Manager, or request one here.
Team Focus with Private Training
Educate an entire team on one or more instructor-led courses with private training.  An experienced instructor delivers any course from the catalog exclusively to your audience (up to 10 people). A wide range of courses are offered for new or experienced users and delivered either onsite or remotely via a live, interactive training platform. 
Enterprise Focus with a Web-Based Training Subscription
Enterprise organizations frequently need to enable a large audience on the same critical skill set. You may need to align an entire marketing department on marketing best practices or equip a group of power users with product skills. A web-based training subscription is the ideal solution for targeted e-learning in your enterprise.

Eloqua University

Luminary & Masters Program

Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy offers two distinct recognition programs, the B2B Marketing Masters and B2B Marketing Luminary. These programs give you the opportunity to take charge of your own development, enhance your career, and give your organization the benefit of having an in-house expert. Learn more about our Masters and Luminary programs here.


Below is a list of instructor-led and self-paced courses offered by Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy to help you increase your Oracle Eloqua product knowledge and modern marketing skill set. 

(WBT) = Web-Based Training

B2B Marketing Course Catalog

Getting Started Using Oracle Eloqua

A combination of best practices and hands-on product learning orients new users to the capabilities of Oracle Eloqua.
  • RPM: Introduction (WBT)
  • RPM: Targeting & Segmentation
  • RPM: Effective Nurturing
  • RPM: Lead Quality
  • Eloqua 10: Fundamentals Introduction 2014 (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of Segmentation
  • Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of Emails
  • Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of Forms & Landing Pages
  • Eloqua 10: Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas

Modern Marketing Best Practices

Refine your marketing processes and deliver more effective campaigns. These courses are recommended for all marketers, no Oracle Eloqua product knowledge is required.
  • Best Practices: Writing a Great Blog Post (WBT)
  • Best Practices: Advanced Lead Nurturing (WBT)
  • Applied Best Practices: Getting Started with Content Marketing Parts 1 and 2 (WBT)
  • Best Practices: Big Data for Marketers (WBT)
  • Best Practices: Email Design (Coming Soon)


Focusing campaigns driven by data to know, segment, and refine your prospects.
  • Best Practices: Email Deliverability and Privacy
  • Eloqua 10: Managing Email Deliverability and Privacy (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Advanced Segmentation
  • Eloqua 10: Data Cleansing
  • Eloqua 10: Web Profiling
  • Eloqua 10: Custom Subscription Management
  • Eloqua 10: Testing Campaigns and Assets


Fueling value-based interactions and content delivery methods.
  • Eloqua 10: Personalizing Campaigns
  • Eloqua 10: Social Suite Applications
  • Eloqua 10: Managing Social Media (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Basic Event Management
  • Applied Best Practices: Managing Multi-City Events (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Events in the Cloud
  • Eloqua 10: Integrating Custom Objects with the Campaign Canvas 

Marketing Technology

Establishing a system of record with tools and systems that streamline tasks.
  • Best Practices: Global Demand Center (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Program Builder Overview (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Database Configuration
  • Eloqua 10: System Integration
  • Eloqua 10: User Management (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Database Security (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Template and Asset Management (Coming Soon)
  • Eloqua 10: Working in the Cloud (Coming Soon)


Aligning marketing and sales processes to maximize conversion rates and revenue.
  • Eloqua 10: Lead Scoring
  • Eloqua 10: Advanced Editing and Form Processing
  • Eloqua 10: Progressive Profiling
  • Eloqua: Sales Tools (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Blind Form Submits
  • Eloqua 10: Effective Marketing with Custom Objects


Refining strategies and developing repeatable processes for success.
  • Eloqua 10: Insight for Reporters
  • Eloqua 10: Introduction: Insight for Analyzer (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Insight for Analyzer
  • Eloqua 10: Closed-Loop Reporting Overview (WBT)
  • Eloqua 10: Closed-Loop Reporting
  • Applied Best Practices: Leadership Metrics (WBT)


Make the most of your limited time with these compact self-paced training packages. Each of these courses is 10 minutes or less.
  • YouTube Video Embed Application
  • Facebook Like Application
  • GooglePlus Share Application
  • LinkedIn Share Application
  • Twitter Share Application
  • LinkedIn Signon Application
  • Oracle Content Marketing
  • Adding Contacts to an Active Campaign
  • Moving Contacts in an Active Campaign
  • Preventing Form Bot Submissions
  • Wildcard Patterns
  • Live Preview Editor
  • Blind Form Submit Links

Academy Course List – Oracle Eloqua (B2B)

Detailed descriptions of each course. 


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