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Success Stories


Abila Reduces Homepage Bounce Rate By 39% With Personalized Content

As target audiences become more segmented, delivering a value-based customer experience becomes more important—and more difficult. Software developer Abila discovered the importance of customer experience as they watched their homepage bounce rate steadily rise to 46%. Abila’s marketing team used marketing automation to better engage customers and improve the website’s content effectiveness.



  • Reducing homepage bounce rate
  • Delivering personalized content to multiple webpage audiences in real time


  • Content marketing
  • Data management
  • Progressive profiling
  • Web personalization


  • Reduced homepage bounce rate from 46% to 7%.
  • Improved click through rate to 3%.
  • Doubled average time spent on a web page.

“We expected the bounce rate to go down, but we didn’t expect it to go down that dramatically. Now we know we’re delivering the right content to specific audiences when they need it.”

Nathan Stull | Digital Marketing Manager, Abila


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