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Success Stories


Clarks Uses Multivariate Testing to Improve Online Conversion Rates

Although in-store purchases generate most of Clarks’ revenue, the company has also seen a 60% increase in profitability of e-commerce operations. After being ranked as a top 10 online retailer in 2010, the company identified online sales as a key driver of future growth. The key to success hinged on gaining insights into why some visitors were leaving without making a purchase.



  • Converting website visitors into repeat customers
  • Understanding how website updates affected online sales


  • Testing and optimization


  • Implemented 36 successful campaigns.
  • Manipulated sophisticated campaigns of 160 variants at a time. 

“After just one test, the outputs from Oracle Maxymiser were so significant and the benefits so obvious, that we’ve been testing non-stop ever since.”

Mark Carlock, Web Analytics Manager, Clarks


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