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Success Stories


DENTSPLY Builds Product Buzz Through Social Media Channels 

Modern marketers know building social media buzz can often take something special. DENTSPLY International Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of dental and other consumable medical device products, accomplished just that, increasing its Facebook audience and building engagement for a key product with its target audience of dental students and alumni.



  • Increasing usage of one of its core products among North American dental schools
  • Building Facebook followers
  • Complying with industry regulations by maintaining a science-based campaign


  • Cross-channel, cross-department integrated marketing
  • Facebook contest enabled by Oracle Marketing Cloud form


  • Increased the number of schools exposed to the product by 650% and delivered an ROI of 168%.
  • Boosted Facebook followers by 75%, increased Facebook reach by 9,162%, and increased likes and post clicks by 5,647%.
  • Acquired hundreds of strong new leads and 75 new positive testimonials.

After DENTSPLY hosted a Facebook contest targeted at dental schools, incremental sales to new customers soared. The campaign paid for itself with a 168% return on investment in five months.



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